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From past files of The Star News


December 24, 2009

The Medford School Board passed on the idea of cutting an administrative position when the last-minute idea cane forward at the December 17 regular meeting. First-year board member Jeff Peterson suggested the cut during a discussion of the district structural budget deficit at this time to avoid the January 15, 2010 start of the next twoyear administrative contract cycle.

Peterson, a member of the ad hoc prebudget committee which met this fall, said the easy cuts the board can make are already complete and tougher ones are coming. He made the motion to have first-year district administrator Pat Sullivan bring a recommendation to a special meeting before January 15 of the administrative position which could be cut.


December 28, 1994

A controversial 21.28 percent increase in the City of Medford’s 1995 budget came under fire again last week.

The budget was adopted three weeks ago when Mayor Dee Meyer broke a 4-4 tie between council members who favored the 21.28 percent increase and those who wanted to increase the budget by only 12.64 percent.

With the newly-adopted budget, the City’s share of the total tax bill for Medford residents increases 21.28 percent, but the mill rate remains the same as last year because school district taxes went down as the result of a revenue cap placed on school districts by the Legislature.

According to former Medford Area School District President Mike Bub, that cap was placed on school districts to provide property tax relief, but City of Medford taxpayers will see no tax relief because the 21.28 percent increase in the City budget gobbles up whatever was saved by the school district.


December 25, 1969

A new state shared tax reform bill has been introduced in the state legislature, the bill attracting widely divided opinion in both “pro” and “con” camps.

One of the strongest supporters of the bill, mayor Henry W, Maier, Milwaukee, has sent out 1,198 invitations to officials in 794 towns, 269 villages and 134 cities to attend a conference Friday, Jan. 9, at Milwaukee auditorium. Mayor Maier’s invitations were sent only to those municipalities that would be gainers under the proposed tax reform legislation which will be considered in January by the legislature.


December 21, 1944

G.F. Strebig, chairman, reported to the Medford Commercial Club Tuesday evening that 79 of the cards pledging financial support to the proposed Medford Industrial Foundation had been turned in to him by mail in response to the first mail solicitation.

The pledges may be for any multiple of $10. The lowest amount pledged is for one share, $10, and there are several of that amount. They run from the minimum up to $500.


December 24, 1919

Emil Lanio, who was wounded in the battle on the Krueger farm in Clark County when four members of the Krueger family attempted to resist the draft, was awarded damages of more than $6,000 in circuit court at Stevens Point from Caroline Krueger, mother of the four boys and Frank and Leslie Krueger, who are at present in Waupun serving sentences for the death of a member of the posse that sought to run them down. Lanio was awarded $5,015 compensatory damages and $1,000 punitive damages. Other suits aggregating more than $40,000, are still pending against the Kruegers. Mrs. Krueger is under indictment for alleged violations of the espionage act and free under bond.


December 22, 1894

One of the most wonderful achievements of any age is the invention or provision of some means or language by which a common education, and more especially the teachings of Christ, may be conveyed to an ignorant and semi-heathen race. Ever since the days of early Scripture missionaries have been sent forth for this purpose, and, strange as it may seem, while we are dispatching missionaries to foreign, unenlightened lands, foreign missionaries take up their habitation among the Indians of North and Northwestern Canada.

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