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– Lunch Menus –

Oct. 21-25

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Elderly Programs Cadott Mon. Chicken sandwich, vegetable soup, fruit • Tue. Lasagna, broccoli, fruit • Wed. Hot dog, macaroni/cheese, baked beans, fruit • Thurs. Pork, mashed potatoes/ gravy, squash, fruit • Fri. Fish, hashbrowns, coleslaw, fruit For reservations or cancellations, call 715-579-2893 by noon the previous day. Senior dining served from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Kathy’s Diner.

Cornell Mon. Chicken parmesan, green beans, breadstick, peach shortcake • Tue. Pork loin, oven potatoes, beets, roll, pears • Wed. Barbecue chicken, herbed green beans, baked potato, dinner roll, sherbet • Thurs. Meatloaf, au gratin potatoes, dill carrots, roll/bread, strawberries/bananas • Fri. No menu provided For reservations or cancellations, call 715-579-2910 by noon the previous day. Senior dining served at noon, Monday-Friday, at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. *Dining at Lake Holcombe Cafe, lunch first and third Tuesdays; breakfast second and fourth Wednesdays. Reservations are required and can be placed by calling 715-828-9539, for lunch, and 715-579-2910, for breakfast.

School Breakfast and Lunch Programs Cadott Breakfast 3K Mon. Cinnamon toast soft bar, raisins • Tue. Pillsbury cherry frudel, Mandarin oranges • Wed. No school • Thurs. Berry bread, applesauce • Fri. Sausage/cheese breakfast boat, peaches

4K-Sixth Grade Breakfast in the Classroom Mon. Cinnamon toast soft bar, chilled juice, raisins • Tue. Pillsbury apple frudel, chilled juice, red grapes • Wed. Dunkin’ Doughnut stick, string cheese, chilled juice,

Craisins • Thurs. Berry bread, chilled juice, apple slices • Fri. Granola bar, cheese stick, chilled juice, applesauce

Seventh-12th Grade Mon. Cinnamon toast soft bar, chilled juice, fresh apple • Tue. Egg/cheese breakfast wrap, tropical fruit, Mandarin oranges • Wed. Bacon/egg/cheese-filled breadstick, fruit cocktail, pears • Thurs. Berry bread, chilled juice, Craisins

Fri. Sausage/cheese breakfast boat, chilled fruit juice, peaches

Lunch Mon. Philly steak sandwich, roasted onions, peppers, peas, creamy coleslaw, Mandarin oranges • Tue. Chicken parmesan, pasta/marinara sauce, Romaine lettuce, whole-kernel corn, garlic breadstick, fruit cocktail • Wed. Brat/sauerkraut/whole-grain bun, Bush’s baked beans, sweet potato fries, banana • Thurs. Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes/gravy, peas/carrots, whole-grain dinner roll, pears, sugar cookie • Fri. Hot ham/cheese sandwich, broccoli/ cheese, baked French fries, pineapple tidbits Cornell Mon. Breakfast-on-a-stick - Grilled chicken patty, spiral pasta/sauce

Tue. Breakfast cookie HS: biscuit/ gravy - Softshell taco/fixings • Wed. Mozzarella dippers - Hamburger •

Thurs. Spooky s’moatmeal - Hobgoblin hotdish, breadstick • Fri. Doughnut - Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich

Lake Holcombe Mon. Waffle/cereal, bananas Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, cheesy broccoli, fruit • Tue. Muffins, cereal, apple juice - Scalloped potatoes/ham, Californa blend vegetables, applesauce • Wed. Cinnamon roll, cereal, mixed fruit - Chicken noodle soup, assorted sandwiches, Mandarin oranges • Thurs. Breakfast pizza, cereal, Mandarin oranges - Hamburger, tater tots, carrots, fruit • Fri. Egg sandwich, cereal, fruit Chicken sandwich, parsley potato, corn, fruit