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Community foundation institutes response/recovery fund

The Community Foundation of Chippewa County is partnering with local funders, to support non-profits and Chippewa County communities, as they respond to the impact of the COVID-19 public health crisis. The foundation will work with those partners to identify local needs and gaps in funding, then assemble and apply funds where they are most critically needed to relieve distress.

The foundation opened its Response – Recovery – Rebuild Fund, to respond directly to those non-profits on the front lines of this public health crisis. This fund will support immediate, mid-term and long-term response efforts during times of crisis. Non-profit organizations engaging in the immediate and emerging basic needs relief, and who need financial support, now can email the foundation office at

“In order to move resources quickly and not further burden these non-profit organizations, we will have a simple application process,” said Linda Bergen, Grants Committee Chair.

It is a critical time for many non-profit organizations who are responding to the COVID-19 public health crisis, as they face an increasing demand for services and supplies. In addition, the impact on local economy and workforces may likely create hardships for area residents.

The foundation encourages donors to continue regular support of organizations and businesses. Community members who want to help, can direct donations to the Response – Recovery – Rebuild Fund, with the assurance that their donations will go to assist non-profit organizations engaging in COVID-19 relief efforts.

Individuals are encouraged to to make their charitable donations. Donors with questions or those who need further assistance, should contact Jill Herriges, executive director of the Community Foundation of Chippewa County, at

“The community foundation cares deeply about our communities, and encourages everyone to take all the appropriate precautions to protect their health and well-being,” said Herriges. “Although COVID-19 has changed how we at the foundation accomplish business on a daily basis, it has also reinforced our commitment to serve our area and continuously evaluate where our efforts can do the most good.”

In collaboration with local funders and community partners, the foundation will be responsive and flexible to the community needs, collaborative in the process, based upon the most up-to-date community information and assessments.

“We recognize that many organizations will provide services and programs to respond to the crisis,” said Herriges, “and that they may need future financial support. “So, as a permanent public charitable grant maker, know we are here for the long-term and will go the distance to support our communities.”