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Limited parking by daycare going forward as planned

Two spots in front of Kids First Childcare on Main Street in Cornell, are headed for limited parking, as decided by the Cornell City Council March 5. Coming as a recommendation by the Public Health and Safety Committee, plans are for two, 15-minute parking spaces in front of the daycare, between the hours of 6-8 a.m., and 3-6 p.m., on weekdays.

Currently, the daycare employs six people, only two of whom drive from out of town; owner Tammy Morgal says the others walk or get a ride.

“Do you have back door access?” asked council member Steve Turany.

Morgal said the daycare does have side door access through the playground area, but it is not secure, as parents now have a pin number to enter in the front door. There is also no room for picking up/drop off, with the tenant parking in the back.

“That would be a lot of traffic in that back alley,” said Morgal, “making it not safe for the residents on the backside, either.”

Turany also questioned what extra work this would bring to the police department, as far as enforcing the 15-minute parking. Cornell Police Chief Brian Hurt said the department could easily add the checks to the regular patrol times.

“It’s certainly doable,” said Hurt.

Terry Smith, council member, said he had talked to one of the business owners in that area, who thought the limited parking was OK, but mentioned the owner did think employees should park on a side street.

Council member Aimee Korger pointed out the limited parking is not an all day thing, which would hopefully not hinder businesses.

“It really allows anyone…to still park there,” said Korger.

Floyd Hickethier said it bothers him to have kids walk across the street to get in the daycare, saying he’s worried someone will back out of a space and not see the kids.

Mayor Judy Talbot said the 15-minute spaces are not specifi cally just for those dropping kids off and says the spaces can be utilized by patrons of other businesses, even during the limited times.

“It just happens to be close to her business,” said Talbot.

Members agreed to go ahead with the limited parking and the changes to the ordinance will be sent to the city attorney for approval, before taking effect.