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From past files of The Star News 10 Years Ago

November 21, 2013

Search for suspects

The city of Medford Police Department and Taylor County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a number of recent burglaries. Many of the victims are local businesses.

Medford Police Chief Ken Coyer said the investigation is active, but law enforcement is hoping to have a break in the case soon. “We’re investigating a series of burglaries in the city and the county,” Coyer said. “Currently, Taylor County law enforcement is working a number of leads in this investigation. We don’t want to make any statement on what was taken due to the sensitive nature of the investigations.”

25 Years Ago

November 25, 1998

City takes the easy way out on taxi issue

Frustrated over a state regulation that basically takes the decision to accept or reject bids for sharedride taxi service out of the Council’s hands, the Medford Common Council voted unanimously last week to reject all bids and start over next year.

In the meantime, Patkim Transit will continue to operate the taxi service.

50 Years Ago

November 22, 1973

Mary Albert Selected as Top Volunteer

A Medford Senior High School Senior, Mary Albert, has been awarded the title of Volunteer of the Year. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Albert, town of Little Black, joins six others named since the voluntary service to Memorial Hospital of Taylor County and Memorial Nursing Home was established in 1966 by Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

Others named previously include Phyllis McKibben, David Hutchinson, Cheri Premeau, Mary Thomas, Kathy Matthias and Vicki Falasky. Miss Albert joined volunteers in September 1972, contributing approximately 134 hours of service.

75 Years Ago

November 25, 1948

County is Assured National Guard Unit

Col. Sherman, from the staff of General Geo. Mullens, adjutant general of the state of Wisconsin, listed Medford Friday and released the information that Taylor County could now be assured of a National Guard unit. Beyond that Col.. Sherman could not make any definite statements, other than to say that several locations within the city of Medford were being considered for armory purposes.

100 Years Ago

November 29, 1923

Foxes Stolen From Farm

Northern Fox Company’s farm near Medford suffered an $8000 to $12000 loss Tuesday night when robbers entered their pens and killed valuable foxes with the intention of stealing the pelts.

Twelve foxes were poisoned and a number of other have been suffering from the strychnine poison administered. The thieves got away with only three.

125 Years Ago

November 26, 1898

On this Occasion

The members of the county board of Taylor County are not slow on general principals, but they had considerable trouble in ‘getting together” at the recent meeting. The session was prolonged for a week over the time that it was first anticipated would be required to finish up the work. The printing claims was a bone of contention, among other things, and it seemed that some of the members had arrived at the conclusion that, the poor printers were trying to loot the treasury. It is taken for granted that the cost of publishing the necessary information to voters comes high under the present laws, but Taylor county escaped at a low figure as compared with our sister counties north.