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From past files of The Star News


May 20, 2010

A significant grant toward the cost of mandated upgrades to the county’s communication capabilities will come with a price tag. The Taylor County Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Committee decided to move ahead with the proposal.

The county is facing a 2013 deadline for significant upgrades to its narrow band radio capabilities and other measures to improve the ability of law enforcement officers and other emergency personnel to communicate with each other and the central dispatcher. The price tag could be in the $4 to $5 million range, making the Assistance to Firefighters Grant an important funding source, if approved. While mandates are the stick in our federal system, grants provide a carrot to assist local governments to move forward with the requirement.


May 24, 1995

Following a 6-2 vote by the Common Council last week, Miracle Mile property owners in the City of Medford will have the option of having either sod or blacktop installed in the proposed strip along their frontage property on Hwy 13. The dissenting votes were cast by Aldermen Gordon Thilke and William Schmitz. On the west side of the highway, where a sidewalk is being installed, the “strip” will be between the walk and the curb. On the east side, where there is no sidewalk, a “strip” of similar width will be installed back from the curb line.


May 21, 1970

The Medford city council approved arrangements Tuesday night for the sale of a tract of land in the new Medford industrial park for a new industry which will be established here soon. The H& H Silo Co., Cannon Falls, Minn., through the efforts of the Medford Area Development Foundation, has agreed to set up a silo manufacturing plant here, with production slated to begin early in October of this year.

The silo manufacturing firm intends to employ from 30 to 50 local area persons, according to Willard J. Vondrashek, executive director of the foundation. It will turn out concrete stave silos and use the Medford area as a local plant for sales and distribution of the product throughout central Wisconsin.

Gerald V. Garlie, president of H& H Silo Co., has expressed enthusiasm about locating in Medford, according to Vondrashek.


May 17, 1945

Fire which started about 9:00 o’clock Tuesday evening razed the new barn on the farm of Bertha Krueger, located 2 miles west of Gilman in the town of Aurora. The barn was empty except for ten tons of hay, which were lost with the barn. The origin of the fire is as yet undetermined.

Mrs. Krueger and her father-in-law, Fred Krueger sr., were staying on the farm while she was making arrangements for its sale.


May 19, 1920

Wisconsin this year is clearing more land that it ever did before and not the least of the factors that influence the amount of clearing are the Land Clearing Contest that are being held in different parts of the state. We were under the impression that Taylor County ranked third in size of the different Contests. Do we? The Rusk County Contest covers the entire County while our Contest covers just eight townships. Rusk County has about 150 Contestants entered. We will enter more contestants per area covered and we will clear more land per contestant than will any other contest in the state.


May 18, 1895

Origin of the Banjo The banjo was in use long before the day of Joe Sweeney. It was principally played by the negroes, and was indeed a rude and simple instrument. The first one I ever saw was made in this way: A large gourd covered with a raw sheepskin served for the drum and the strings were of horsehair, pulled from a white horse’s tail. It had only four strings. I am confident that Sweeney added the bass string. My father’s carriage driver was a banjo player. He played two or three changeless tunes on one cord.