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From past files of The Star News


May 13, 2010

The City of Medford’s plan to use money from a special taxing district to purchase land outside the district moved ahead Tuesday night with key approval by the city planning commission and review by the Joint Board of Review.

The city wants to use up to $100,000 from money generated by taxes on improvements in tax incremental district 13 to purchase a parcel of land just outside the district for future road and development. TID 13’s boundaries meander east of Hwy 13 north of Hwy 64 and include M& H Chevrolet and Wal-Mart.

In a TID, the taxes generated on improvements to the district are kept by the city to pay for the cost of putting in road and utilities to allow the development to happen. Only the projects approved in the project plan for the district can be completed with money generated from the district.


May 17, 1995

A white, male infant found in a pile of refuse at the Valley Sanitation transfer station in Medford last month is believed to have died shortly after birth.

According to Medford Police Chief Jack Kay, test done at the Ramsey Medical Center in St. Paul, Minn. indicate that the child had been carried for 37 to 40 weeks (full term) and died shortly after delivery.

Kay said tissue samples found with the body were identified as “afterbirth,” indicating recent delivery of the baby.

The exact cause of death is still not known, but based on the route taken by the Valley Sanitation truck, it is believed the body is from the Ogema-Prentice area. Kay said the truck traveled directly to Price County prior to making any pickups, and then made stops in southern Price and western Lincoln counties.


May 14, 1970

Vinton Construction Co., Manitowoc, began work Wednesday, May 6, on the final phase of the highway 13 permanent street improvement project bordering Medford’s east side.

Prorated on a cost share basis, the state will assume $449,424 of the construction project which will include curb and gutter and paving of the street for about one mile. The city’s share of $67,413 will see a portion of it paid by the town of Medford, according to the extent of town property bounding the highway.


May 10, 1945

Rib Lake high school was very well represented at the district music festival which took place at Medford on Friday, May 4. Miss Margaret Pike, director of the musical groups which participated in the contest, and the girls left Rib Lake at 8:30 a.m. and returned shortly after 4:00 p.m. All who attended agreed that the day was one that was exceptionally well spent.


May 12, 1920

It is now up to the Medford Business men to get busy and boost the Taylor County Fair, said a prominent merchant to a bunch of citizen on the street Thursday. The County Board has done the big thing by standing by the fair and the city should guarantee at least $500 for a purse for one of the races. The proposition seemed to have the approval of all who heard it.

The fair is the big fall holiday of the people of this county and vicinity and especially of a great many people who are unable to get away to larger expositions, and while much is made of the play and entertainment feature, its educational value must not be lost sight of.


May 11, 1895

There is a great difference in hogs. The form, contour and face of the rounded, sleek sided, short legged Berkshire and other hogs of high degree do not much resemble the angular, razor backed hog common throughout the south. The countenance of the well bred, well cared for species is chubby and contented looking, the ears small, the snout inclined to turn up rather than down. His less fortunate cousin has a long, narrow face, immense, flopping ears that hang disconsolately over his eyes, and an elongated, pointed snout that seems providentially formed to aid his earthy explorations.