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From past files of The Star News


April 15, 2010

The Medford Area School Board will consider more than $700,000 in possible budget cuts as it deals with a projected $455,000 deficient in the upcoming 2010-11 budget. The cut could potentially halve the school’s agriculture program and eliminate the French language program as well as reduce other teaching personnel. The board meeting, scheduled for tonight, Thursday, April 15, will be held at the Red White Theater in the high school because of the expected larger than normal turnout of visitors. District administrator Pat Sullivan said the input of students, parents and community members is important to the board making good decisions.

Sullivan said while the board can make the budget decision at Thursday’s meeting, it will meet again on April 26 for the annual reorganization meeting and could act at that time.


April 19, 1995

From a list of 44 potential sites for Medford’s new public library, the choice was narrowed to seven last week by the Library Board.

As Board Member Mary Bix explained, the original list of 44 potential sites included many that are no longer available, such as the former school district office on Pine St., and the site on the corner of Broadway and Whelen that the City still hopes will be used for the new post office.

Other potential sites on the list were rejected by the board for one reason or another, such as being too small, having possible soil contamination, or because of their location.


April 16, 1970

A plan for future construction at the Medford branch campus of Stevens Point State University, to serve about 400 students, has been approved by the board of regents and the Taylor county board of supervisors.

Dean Russell Oliver announced that a science hall, library-administration building, physical education center and athletic fields, academic building, fine arts center and maintenance shop are included in the plan.

He did not list a timetable for construction, but expressed optimism that work would be completed in the 1970s.


April 12, 1945

Emergency fire wardens for townships 31 to 37 inclusive have been named by the Wisconsin Conservation Department for forest protection district number 6, and they also have been named for the Mondeaux unit of the Chequamegon national forest.

Some of the duties of the forest fire warden are, to prevent fire and to take immediate action in suppressing all forest fire occurring in his local area, and rounding up and hiring whatever additional labor is necessary.

Wardens receive no pay except when they are on actual fire suppression work.


April 14, 1920

Medford is threatened with a general tie-up in the timber industries.

The Timberworkers’ Union has announced their demand for eight hours’ work and ten hours’ pay beginning May 3rd, and the Veneer Company and Medford Lumber Co., we are informed, will close down their plants rather than operate them only eight hours a day.

Unless the employers and employees come to some sort of an agreement, both mills will probably be closed at that date.


April 13, 1895

“It is curious,” said a man yesterday, “the various sensations a man experiences when he goes to see a doctor or a dentist. There is a long, preliminary siege of mental agony, alternately exaggerating and belittling your ailment, until finally in a moment of desperation you decide to go and see what is the matter anyway. Perhaps you have a cold, which has settled on the lungs and developed a troublesome cough that keeps you awake nights.