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Fourth grade class starts Baskets of Hope project

Fourth grade class starts Baskets of Hope project Fourth grade class starts Baskets of Hope project

Mrs. Jensen’s fourth grade class has decided to help out the homeless in Medford by making baskets of hope. In our project, which we’ve named Baskets of Hope, we are working together as a class to fill up baskets with things that would help the homeless in Medford. Our class was inspired to do this project after learning about homelessness and how it is also in Medford. We had a speaker come in named Jessica Mudgett from the Taylor County Housing Authority and teach us about homelessness in Taylor County. We also looked at videos on what can cause homelessness, like illnesses. We felt bad for them and wanted them to live in a home like we do, which is why we want to help them in any way possible.

As you can see from our pictures, we are all working together in a special group to accomplish our goal. We have several different teams working on the project: The Journalists, Cost Estimators, Basket Coordinators, Fundraisers, and Advertisers. All of the jobs work together.

After the Basket Coordinators figure out what will go in the baskets, the Cost Estimators can estimate how much money it will cost to buy the baskets and what will go in baskets. Then, we can start to have our fundraiser to raise the money and supplies we need. Our Fundraisers have recently completed their idea, which is a Fourth Grade Fun Fair. Our fourth grade will be working to bring in all of the items we need, and if they can do it, then they get to have the fun fair. A Proposal Team will be presenting to Mr. Miller, our principal, for approval. Our Advertisers now are creating posters to advertise our fair and the fundraiser. The Journalists are updating what’s going on in the class, and what we’re working on.

This project is important to Mrs. Jensen’s class because our class gets to help other people who don’t get to have a house of their own. When the class is done with the project we will bring our baskets to the Taylor County Housing Authority and they will share them with the homeless. We have a goal of 12 baskets in total, four baskets for men and women, two for children, and the other two for babies.

If you’d like to help or give items to our project, please contact our teacher Mrs. Jensen at jensesa@medford. or 715-748-2316 to find out our list of items. We would appreciate your help.