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From past files of The Star News


January 28, 2010

The City of Medford is banking on getting a little less revenue in the short term in order to get more revenue in the future.

During the committee of the whole portion of Monday night’s city council meeting, aldermen voted to recommend lowering the rent charged for db Communication’s wireless Internet transmitters located on the city water tower near the fire hall. Db Communications offers high speed Internet access transmitted wirelessly to receivers located at houses or businesses. Once at the structure, a router connects the computers on the local networks to the Internet. Db Communications provides Internet service to city hall as part of the lease contract and also provides high speed internet to the Frances L. Simek Memorial Library.


February 1, 1995

Teachers have begun a “work slowdown” or “working to contract” in the Medford Area School District.

The Medford Education Association (teachers union) says this means teachers will only work their 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. contracted day (Stetsonville is 7:303:30), and teachers will not participate in any other activities which cannot be scheduled during the eight-hour day.

Coaches and paid advisors will continue to work their additional contracted time.

However, teachers will not stay in the school buildings past 4 o’clock to finish up work, assist students or meet with parents. Union member also “suggested” that teachers not take papers or other work home to grade, rather do that during prep or class time.

The “work slowdown” will continue for three weeks. At that time, the MEA will have another general membership meeting to evaluate and decided what to do next.


January 29, 1970

Ted Rau, Medford auto body worker and mechanic, escaped serious injury in a gas explosion Saturday morning at Rau’s Body & Repair Shop, Medford. He was using an acetylene cutting torch on a fender of a car when a spark ignited fumes from the auto’s leaking gas tank.

The mechanic sustained second degree burns to his left hand when he reached beneath the auto to remove the pan containing gas under the gas tank. He is undergoing treatment here at Memorial hospital for burns to both hands and the left side of his face.


January 25, 1945

Two new additions to the Medford Brewery are being constructed at the present time, and it is expected that they will be completed this week.

The additions are being constructed of special blocks of clay and cement composition, which is called “ha-dite” manufactured in Milwaukee, a material that does not absorb moisture.

One addition, with dimensions of 48x69x72 feet, is being built on the southeast corner of the main buildings. This will house a filler, labeler, and pasteurizer.


January 28, 1920

Medford can now boast of a fine little hospital and clinic. For many years the sick and injured of this city and county have been taken to Marshfield or Chippewa Falls or Ashland. From now on, except possibly in rare cases, this will not be necessary.

Some few months age. Dr. C. E. Nystrum and Dr. G. C. Nedry started the Medford Clinic, expecting that the new Sisters’ hospital would be erected this year. As the Sisters to run such an institution could not be supplied for two years the matter was dropped for the present.


January 26, 1895

The Russian army is full of strange features. Thus the biggest fellows are detailed for duty in the bodyguards regiment, “Preobraslienski,” founded by Peter the Great, and originally composed of that monarch’s personal friends, all giants in their way. The Czar’s family take great pride in this regiment, and on the named day of its patron saint attend the festivities in a body, usually re-inforced by foreign ambassadors and ministers. Then there is the Ismailkowski regiment, where only blondes are tolerated, and the well-known Pawlow Guards, all of whom must have turn-up noses.