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From past files of The Star News


January 21, 2010

For want of a word on the agenda, a proposed 4,000 cow dairy still hangs in limbo, but a proposed compromise could open the door for approval.

County attorney Steve Anderson told members of the Land Conservation committee Tuesday they could not make a decision on the proposed nutrient management plan for North Breeze Dairy because it was posted as a discussion item only.

Instead the committee will have a special meeting on Friday, Feb. 12 to decide if the proposed dairy’s nutrient management plan passes muster. The biggest sticking point for the proposed plan, currently in its third submission to the county, is North Breeze wanting to use manure data from their similar 3,000 Lake Breeze cow operation near Fond du Lac rather than the so-called “book value” numbers which are generated based on state averages.


January 25, 1995

Some two months after finding out from the DNR that Medford’s proposed post office site is free of contamination, US Postal Services (USPS) officials threw the City another curve ball this week.

In a letter from the Postal Service architect to Mayor Dee Meyer on Monday, it was learned that USPS Real Estate Project Manager Karen Delamore had ordered additional test boring on the proposed site, which indicate the presence of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) “presumed” due to underground migration of petroleum materials from adjacent property, specifically the Medford Co-op and Vern’s Service property.


January 22, 1970

The county will go ahead with plans for erecting a science building on the Medford branch campus of Wisconsin State University-Stevens Point.

At its mid-winter session Tuesday, the county board of supervisors authorized the education committee to proceed with plans to develop the building site and order plans and documents relative to letting bids for a building. If the 200 full time or equivalent enrollment in the two-year branch here is reached by September of this year the education committee will be authorized to let bids for the construction project and the finance committee will execute necessary documents to bond the county up to $600,000.


January 18, 1945

Mrs. Doren Solomon returned to Goodrich Thursday after spending the holidays with relatives in Chicago.

Miss Ruth Schmidt returned last week to Chicago, where she is employed at the Curtiss Candy Company, after spending a two weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt of the town of Hammel.

William Buechel, who has been employed at the Leaphen D. Smith shipyards in Sturgeon Bay for the past eight months, returned last week to his home in the town of Browning.


January 21, 1920

Jump River has, of late, been developing faster than any other part of Taylor County. Scores of new settlers have purchased land in the immediate vicinity and have moved their families on to it and many more are expected to do so in the spring.

Last fall Chas. Boeckler moved there from this city and started a flour and feed business. Lime and cement has been added and this will very likely be supplemented later with a building and supply line.


January 19, 1895

It is the duty of the drama, first, to be clean and wholesome, then truly to entertain, to create as powerful a charm as it can out of the tragic and comic elements of real life, mixed not too strongly with the ideal sympathies, the ideal beliefs, and hopes and poetry of men. Let it not skip either the facts or the poetry, for men are made up of both; and, as it hopes to live, let it not be so meanly real as to produce the thing itself rather than the artistic and ideal suggestion; and so attain merely a cheap shock rather than an abiding pleasure.