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From past files of The Star News


November 5, 2009

For city coordinator John Fales, it all comes back to security.

Fales wants to make sure that at the end of the day the worst thing that can happen to $10 the city has invested is that the city gets $10 back. For him concerns about if the money is in local financial institutions and even the interest rates offered are secondary.

“I think we’re lost sight of the driving factor in this — to protect the public funds,” he said to aldermen during more than an hour of sometimes heated discussions at the Medford City Council meeting Tuesday night.

But Alderman Mike Bub, who was spearheading making changes to the city’s investment policies to guarantee that local financial institutions would at least get a chance at city investments questioned how much risk there actually was.


November 9, 1994

A proposal to issue permits for longterm parking in City-owned parking lots had at least one Medford alderman thinking it’s a bad idea.

In an attempt to ease the parking problem on Main Street, the Common Council’s committee of Public Safety has been toying with the idea of rec- ommending an ordinance that would require a permit for any vehicle parked in a City-owned parking lot for more than two and one-half hours.

Alderman Fred Gelhaus, however, thinks the idea would be bad for Main Street business. Gelhaus is a member of the committee.

“Permit parking doesn’t seem like something that will promote business here,” he said at Monday night’s committee meeting.


November 6, 1969

Opinion voiced at a snowmobile hearing at Medford Municipal auditorium Thursday night was almost two-to-one in favor of establishing routes for entering and leaving the city. Among the 130 persons attending, only 16 volunteered sentiments on the proposal to mayor William Van Laarhoven, who called the hearing, and members of the city council.

Ten persons definitely favored snowmobile throughways and six either disapproved or had some compunctions about the proposed plan.


November 2, 1944

The Wisconsin State and Price-Taylor Medical Society composed of doctors practicing in Taylor and Price counties have worked out a prepaid medical care plan with the Farm Security Administration for certain borrowers from the FSA, who wish to subscribe to it.

However, under the policy of free choice of physicians, doctors outside of Price and Taylor counties may be selected to take care of subscribers under this plan if they will sign the contract entered into the FSA and the above named medical society, according to Geo. F. Meyer, selected trustee.


November 5, 1919

Which is the best breed of cattle? The question is often asked and as often it is not possible to get a satisfactory answer. There is no best breed and any of our improved breeds will do well and prove profitable under proper care and management. The best breed of cattle is the breed your neighbor is breeding. Make your choice likewise and you will make no mistake. Mr. Durski of Lublin was looking for some Guernseys, some good grades. Where can he go to secure them? There are 12 herds of Guernseys, grades and pure breds within two miles of the station of Chelsea.


November 3, 1894

Jonathan Periam, well-known authority on agricultural tropics, makes some valuable suggestions about the care of corn between the times of harvest and consumption. He thinks the cereal would be far more attractive to Europeans if offered to them in better shape, and that the average American consumer would like food prepared from corn much better were it not for the fact that it is allowed to become musty, soured, or bitter, as to the germ, which destroys its integrity as a food grain.