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October 22, 2009

A change in state law will mean area taxpayers will have to pay more of their tax bill this December.

Final approval of Wisconsin Act 28 makes subsidized housing owner Future Wisconsin Taylor County LLC tax exempt for local property taxes. The company currently owns apartment complexes in the city with one on Main Street and another on Second Street.

According to city coordinator John Fales, taking the combined value of the two parcels off the city’s tax roles will result in a $1.4 million reduction in the city’s assessed value. In addition it will also results in a sizable reduction in revenue from Tax Incremental District No. 5, which includes the downtown area.

Fales warned that the change will increase the tax burden on other areas of the city as costs are shifted.


October 26, 1994

A second referendum on an addition at Medford Area Senior High will be held during the spring primary election in February, following a 8-1 vote (Southworth voting no) last Tuesday (Oct. 18) by the School Board.

The first referendum for the $2.5 million addition and $190,000 revenue cap increase failed by an almost 2-1 margin on October 11.

District Administrator Paul Schoenberger outlined three options for the board to consider. One was to repass the same resolution for borrowing and increasing the revenue cap that night in order to hold an election in December. The second option considered was to reconsider the original plan (with construction to the west), make amendments to it and run another referendum in February. The third option considered was to hold off on another referendum until approximately the Fall of 1995.


October 23, 1969

In preparation for drafting a city budget next month. Medford councilmen Tuesday night considered the city’s increased share of Medford area district school costs. Reflecting the rocketing costs of eduction, the 1969 school tax levy of $876,335 represents an increase over the previous levy by $125,658.

District school administrator Orvus Dodsworth appeared before the city council to present the budget and levy and pointing out the areas of increased costs. The city’s share of the levy is $381,845 representing an increase over the 1968 city share by $53,797. The city bears 48.573 percent of the entire district levy.


October 19, 1944

The dry weather and the abundance of leaves, grass, and weeds have caused outbreaks of fire in many parts of Taylor county the past week.

Due to careless burning, the fire has covered six sections, mainly sections 21, 22, 23, and 27, near Hannibal, Donald, and Jump River. Smaller fires have started in Holway, town of Ford, and town of Maplehurst.


October 22, 1919

C. A. Bunker, the Chelsea hotel man, had a narrow escape Friday night. He was coming from Perkinstown with his daughter and two others at a moderate rate of speed and was nearing the corner at the William farm. Not being familiar with the road, he did not notice the very sharp turn in the road about half way down the hill until it was too late to turn the corner without upsetting the auto. He quickly decided to head the car across the ditch into the brush and woods. This he did and fortunately without anyone being seriously injured. His daughter received the worst injury, a scalp wound requiring a number of stitches.

This is the same corner where Otto Griesser’s auto ‘jumped the track’ two years ago and quite evidently needs a warning sign.


October 20, 1894

Among the great trials which test men’s endurance that our county has gone through, none perhaps has shown more clearly the innate strength of the American character than the Chicago fire of 1871. The bravery, courage and patience of the men who built the modern Chicago on the ruins of the old is a glory to the country at large and a subject of congratulation to every citizen.

The Chicago fire is without a parallel in recorded history. Many cities have burned—some by accident and others by invading enemies—but in all the annals of time there has not been recorded a conflagration so fearfully destructive as that which overtook Chicago twenty-three years ago.

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