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Nancy Ann M

Nancy Ann M Nancy Ann M

ayer 1945-2020

Colo. Nancy worked at the University of Wisconsin and later in legal and corporate positions while living in Illinois as well for The Dirksen Center promoting research and scholarship to advance public understanding of the U.S. Congress. She was active in the Suzuki music program, the AFS student exchange program and numerous school volunteer activities.

She moved to Colorado in 1984 where Nancy worked in administrative and executive level positions in higher education, environment consulting and non-profit organizations.

She traveled with David extensively in the West to the many national parks in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and the California coast where Nancy enjoyed many years of hiking, biking, cross country skiing, and other winter sports, especially in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Nancy was executive director of the Mind and Life Institute, while that organization was based in Boulder, until 2008 when she retired. There she was honored by the Dalai Lama for her dedicated work with that organization. During retirement Nancy turned her energies to a creative writing career, described by her writing coach as the most talented new writer she had seen, to whom nothing seemed impossible. She was active in a number of local Parkinson’s organizations and support groups and a volunteer at a regional food bank.

Throughout her life, Nancy was known for her quiet brilliance, kindness, courage, compassion and great sense of humor; these qualities caused her to be deeply loved by her family, her sisters, friends, her book club members, and all those who knew her.

Nancy is survived by her husband, David; daughter, Lauryn S. Mayer of Washington, Penn.; son, David W. Mayer II; and grandchildren, Hannah, Elle, and Alex Mayer of Littleton, Colo.; her sisters, Lynette Vogt and Laurie Rogers Hartl of Wisconsin; as well as many friends and colleagues.

Donations may be made to, parkinsonsnetwork. org, or the Davis Phinney Foundation.

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Nancy Ann Mayer passed away on Sept. 24, 2020 at the age of 75 in Lafayette, She was born on Jan. 21, 1945 in Marshfield. Nancy was the daughter of Edward Rogers and Shirley Reif. She was married to David W. Mayer in her childhood home of Medford.