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Marjorie J. Hein

Marjorie J. Hein Marjorie J. Hein

Marjorie J. Hein


Marjorie J. Hein, 81, of Oshkosh passed away on Sept. 29, 2020, at Edenbrook Nursing Home. Per her wishes, she will be laid to rest at the Nepeuskun Cemetery in the countryside of Berlin, during a private family gathering, with Pastor Donald Deike officiating. Marge asked in lieu of flowers a donation be made to the Aldo Leopold Foundation, E13701 Levee Road, Baraboo, WI, 53913. If you had the great fortune to know Marge, you were able to experience the warm loving soul of a great woman, mother and grandmother. A woman who always gave, and never asked for anything. She always made sure everyone around her was well taken care of, no matter what the needs were. Her kindness, generosity, and selflessness were felt by everyone she encountered. Many hours spent at the bow of our boat reeling in that “keeper”…..and preparing it for supper later that day, and that meal ….like all the others would have made any 5 star chef badgering for the recipe for sure. If it flew, swam or ran mom could cook it…leaving you wanting 2nd’s and some of us 3rd’s. I still can remember hearing a frequent dinner guest at the house saying… “Margie, I’ll bet you could cook up an old fence post, and it would taste great.” In the fall, Mom would slip on her blaze orange attire and sneak down into the woods …and post like a statue under the biggest oak tree just across from the pond…waiting for the elusive whitetail. So many times I said to mom “come sit by me…there is deer all around me”… she would always softly reply “I'm ok here…I like looking over the pond and seeing the reflections of the pines.” Over the years she filled many tags…but the best tag she tied to the leg of a 21 point buck …..yes 21, which still hangs on the wall today. Mom loved all birds and wildlife at her Rush Lake home up on the hill. The bright red cardinals that landed on one of the many bird feeders she tended to (with Swiss time keeping accuracy) always gave her joy. There were no skinny birds in the Rush Lake area…and when the turkeys strolled around her yard, her binoculars were summoned and a big grin would take over as she would say… “shhh, keep still...look at those beautiful birds.” Duties would only continue when the rafter had disappeared into the woods. A great gardener….always digging, planting and harvesting the many fantastic crops in her garden (which was just shy of 1 acre) and preening the countless flower beds to perfection. If you were a weed, there was no use putting roots down here….you wouldn't stand a chance. Stopping in at the house, you would always be treated to a ride on her golf cart down into the woods, around the pond and back up between the 100’s and 100’s of pine trees she helped plant in the early 70s as pencil thin seedlings…and now were great green towers. Looking up the phrase “Work Ethic” you just may find a small picture of my Mom within the definition…spending dozens of years at Speed Queen on the assembly line …then on to Green Giant / Pillsbury / Seneca Foods, where she routinely slipped into work an hour before her shift (on her own time) making sure all the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed, the supplies were ready for all the workers that day…and oh yes - the coffee was made, hot and ready to pour when the big wheels arrived. She loved each and everyone of you all know. The time after work she spent cleaning houses and providing caregiver services to a few folks in town. A true “survivor”, Mom was born at a time when the world was a completely different place...1939 was the year. She endured countless adventures and conflicts, a flurried mix of happiness and sadness…so much in fact that even the most seasoned screen writer would have been seeking biggest ink well to dip his pen…as his short story of her would have soon bloomed into an endless series of books…with the ending of each being - Mom the victor. Marge had two children, her son, Kurt (Camille) and was grandmother to their son Montana; and her daughter, Marta, and was the grandmother to her son, Kevin. If you have never met my Mom, you certainly will some you pass through the gates into heaven, she will be the little angel with her arms stretched out...ready to give you a big hug...asking what can she do for you...she will whisper in your ear “You're safe now, You're home.” Please visit to send online condolences.

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