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Burish all set to play basketball for Itasca

Burish all set to play basketball for Itasca Burish all set to play basketball for Itasca

Bradee Burish, surrounded by her family, excitedly signed a Letter of Intent April 24, to play basketball for Minnesota North College-Itasca. Burish worked the last couple years, to get to where she is with her basketball skills, prompting recruitment from Itasca. Photo by Ginna Young

By Ginna Young

When recruiting for athletes to play at their university, there’s a process that is gone through to find just the right fit.

“It is not by chance, why certain people end up at certain universities,” said Cadott athletic director Steve Mengel, at a Letter of Intent signing April 24.

In middle or high school, a student signs up to play for a sport and they’re on the team.

“However, in college, it’s a totally different situation,” said Mengel.

Collegiate coaches want athletes who excel in academics and make good personal choices, because they are representing the program and university. That’s why the Minnesota North College-Itasca girls basketball coach reached out to Cadott senior Bradee Burish, about playing on the university team.

After Burish talked with the coach and looked into the university, she decided that was a good place to major in psychology and human resources, while playing the sport she loves.

Jason Wiesner, Cadott strength and conditioning trainer, shared how Burish is always listening and watching film to know the sport better, and never gives up, taking criticism to make herself better.

“Her growth in the two short years I’ve known her, is incredible,” said Wiesner. “She’s a passionate young woman, and it shows on and off the court.”

For Burish, it was a good feeling to see so many attend the signing and be part of that special moment.

“The support from the community, always, throughout my whole high school career, has been so good,” she said.

Burish encourages not just younger athletes, but those in general, to keep practicing and learn what is needed to improve, so they can reach their dreams.

“That can go with anything,” said Burish. “You just have to put in the work.”