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Cadott Village Board; Kwik Trip Certified Survey Map approved

Cadott Village Board; Kwik Trip Certified Survey Map approved Cadott Village Board; Kwik Trip Certified Survey Map approved

Kwik Trip representative Scott Teigen attended a Cadott Village Board meeting Sept. 6, where he answered questions about the project. Teigen says groundbreaking will likely take place in 2024. Board members approved a Certified Survey Map for Kwik Trip during the meeting. Photo by Julia Wolf

By Julia Wolf

The Cadott Village Board approved a Certified Survey Map for Kwik Trip, during a regular meeting Sept. 6.

Scott Teigen, Kwik Trip representative, was on hand to answer questions about the project, slated to be along State Hwy. 27, north of the State Hwy. 29 interchange, on the Edward and Cynthia Irish, and Jim Mickelson properties.

When asked when groundbreaking is anticipated to begin, Teigen says they are thinking it will be a 2024 project, as the property owners can remain on their property until the end of September 2023.

“Now, I don’t know that they’ll take all that time or not, but that’s what they have the right to do,” said Teigen.

He says, if the property owners move out by spring, the project could be bumped up to 2023.

Teigen says the building will be the same as the Kwik Trip near the Sam’s Club in Eau Claire.

Clerk Sandy Buetow says the next step is a public hearing during the Monday, Oct. 3, meeting.

A Certified Survey Map for Bruce Kyes was also approved for a North Road property. Buetow says they are dividing the property.

Also approved, was the hire of Terry Hladilek Jr., for the general laborer position.

Board president Anson Albarado says, after looking back at minutes, they confirmed the library was given the goahead to use the village lot on the corner of State Hwy. 27 and Mills Street, for a new library building.

“We did say that they could use the land,” said Albarado. Buetow says the confusion came in, when a committee meeting report was overlooked and not shared out during a board meeting.

“There is really nothing to approve, other than just to have this clarified and discussed,” said Albarado.

Village resident Dusty Sloviak also confirmed he would remove a trailer house on his property at 237 N. Elm Street within two days of the meeting, as it does not conform with village ordinances. If Sloviak does not remove it within the time frame, the village will remove the trailer house and place the cost as a lien on Sloviak’s property.

“For future reference, if you don’t know, please come to the village and ask, and they will be able to tell you the ordinances,” said board member Eric Weiland. “That goes for anybody in the village.”

Bart Chapek, board member, reported he attended an AEP Energy meeting, where he learned things are going up in cost. The village’s energy contracts go for 10 years, but they discussed what would happen in 2032.

Chapek says a significant cost increase would be expected, if they were to renew now. The options were to renew for 2032 right away, and take the rate increase, wait and see what energy prices do, or blend the increases in leading up to 2032. Those at the AEP meeting decided to wait until at least spring, to see where things are at.

“We’ve saved a lot of money for the community,” said Chapek, after seeing cost comparisons with what it would have looked like, if the village had continued to get energy through Xcel.