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Auxiliary names Tischendorf winner of Patriot Pen essay

Auxiliary names Tischendorf winner of Patriot Pen essay Auxiliary names Tischendorf winner of Patriot Pen essay

Joslyn Tischendorf took first place in the Patriot Pen essay contest sponsored by the Medford American Legion Auxiliary Post.

Her essay is as follows:

What Inspires Me About America?

The reason that I am inspired about America is because we are the land of the free. We have rights. We have freedom. We have leaders. We have veterans that inspire, lead, fight, and protect our country, and our lives. If it weren’t for our soldiers we may not have won the wars that we have fought to keep our country safe. We may not be living the life we are now without them.

We should all thank a veteran when we see one, especially every year on veterans day.

We have leaders that continue to inspire us, that shouldn’t be forgotten and they should be thanked and used as examples to learn from. Desmond T. Doss didn’t stop doing what he believed in, and saved 75 men in one night during war, over a 400 ft ledge. Everybody told him he would just get killed, but he didn’t listen, because he wouldn’t let others opinions stop him. We need people like this to encourage us to keep going, and to not back down so easily.

Because of soldiers and veterans, I get to enjoy the things I love without being told otherwise. I get to live in a free country with my own rights. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Fallen veterans should get to have a proper burial, and memorial. Families and friends have had to go through the loss of a fallen veteran or soldier, but they should know that what that person was doing was something to help us all, and they should be proud of them. Veterans have risked their lives for us, and have protected us even if we don’t realize it. They have put others before them, and they didn’t back down. They do this so that we as a country can enjoy freedom, and not have to go through the challenges of no rights, and an unfair life. Thank you for serving.

Veterans are amazing in every way they can be, they fight for our country to provide us with freedom, courage, and inspiration, all while risking their lives for others. They deserve their stories to be told, and everything they accomplished to be remembered, and passed down. We may not know the true story of veterans, but the parts that we do know are truly inspiring, and are what keeps our country strong. One last time, I’d like to thank everyone that has served.

Thank you.

VFW 5729 Auxiliary President Jackie Gregory pre - sented Joslyn Tischendorf with a citation and a check for $50 for taking 1st Place in the Patriot's Pen essay contest.