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Law Enforcement

■ ■ May 9 - An officer was driving on South Division Street in Colby. The officer observed a vehicle traveling in front of him that came back with a registered owner that had a Marathon County Sheriff’s Office warrant for worthless checks. The officer stopped the vehicle.

The officer met with the driver and confirmed the warrant through dispatch. The officer told the driver the amount she owed for the warrant and she said someone she knew could come to the police department and bring the money needed to satisfy the warrant.

The officer placed the woman under arrest for the warrant and transported her to the CAPD. Shortly after they arrived, the party the woman had called to bring the money arrived and gave the officer the money. The woman was released with a new court date.

■ ■ May 10 - Two officers were dispatched to the CAPD for a female stating that they were being followed. The officers arrived and saw a vehicle in the parking lot with hazards on and two occupants, a 23-year-old male and 20-yearold female. The officer observed visible damage to the vehicle and asked if the occupants needed any medical attention. They denied.

The driver’s side window was shattered with broken pieces on the driver’s seat. The driver’s side mirror and left taillight were both broken and many dents could be seen on the vehicle.

The officers had the duo explain what had happened. They said they were at the male’s cousin’s house, parked in the driveway. The male went inside and the female party stayed out in the car. Another vehicle driven by a 20-year-old male was in the driveway. The 20-yearold male exited the vehicle and knocked on the window and tried to open the door of the car the female was in. The female said the man was yelling but she could not understand what he was saying.

The male who was inside said that he went outside after the woman told him what was happening and saw the 20-year-old near his car. The 23-year-old male said he did not know the other male individual and got into his car with the intent of leaving. The other man allowed him to back up the vehicle. The 20-yearold man then hit the other vehicle with the other two occupants in it. The man would not elaborate how the man hit the vehicle but eye witnesses later told police the man used a log to repeatedly hit the windows of the vehicle.

The 23-year-old male then said the other man started following him and hitting him with his vehicle on South Second Street in Colby. The 20-year-old would hit them at every stop sign they were at and the 23-year-old said the other man even went into the lane with oncoming traffic during the incident.

The 20-year-old driver left the pursuit before the duo arrived at the police department. The 23-year-old man said he was scared to go home as the suspect had told them if he did not get to them now, he would get to them at their house. The officers asked the complainants how the suspect would know where they lived. The male complainant avoided answering the question. After a few seconds of silence, the man said he did not get a good look at the suspect but he knows the people who live in the house know who he is.

Officers then went to the residence where the incident occurred. They noticed a large amount of glass on the roadway approximately two feet west of the driveway. The officer knocked on the door of one of the units while the other officer spoke with individuals from the other part of the home. The collection of witnesses and residents of the home said the 20-year-old suspect hit the complainant’s driver’s side window with a log. The complainants then drove off and the man threw the log at the car when it was driving off before hopping in his vehicle and following the complainants.

Another witness from across the street had two videos that captured the incident. While speaking to another man that might have witnessed the incident, a Clark County Deputy notified the CAPD officer that the vehicle that the suspect used in the altercation was currently being towed by a local towing company. The officer look at the vehicle and noticed heavy front, driver’s side damage, and multiple other scratches and dents throughout the exterior of the vehicle. Another CAPD officer talked with a passenger who was with the towing personnel who said the vehicle was his wife’s. He then said his wife allowed the 20-year-old suspect to borrow the vehicle.

The officers took a statement from the last witness and then went to the suspect’s house. The officers made contact with the suspect who said he was indeed borrowing the vehicle.

The suspect said he was trying to get the phone number for the female who was sitting in the front seat of the complainant’s vehicle in the driveway. The suspect said the other male wanted to fight him because he was asking for the female’s phone number.

After the man admitted to hitting the other vehicles with his vehicle, the officer conducted a records check on the man through the ETIME system and observed the suspect to have a criminally revoked driver’s license. The man had an open case through Clark County for his third offense OWI.

The 20-year-old man was placed under arrest for second-degree recklessly endangering safety and misdemeanor bail jumping. He was transported to the Clark County Jail.

A $5,000 cash bond was set by Judge Lyndsey Boon Brunette and the bond was posted. He is to have no contact with any of the witnesses or complainants involved. He also cannot drive, possess or consume alcohol, cannot enter bars, taverns, liquor stores or any place whose primary purpose is the sale or consumption of alcohol and can not have any acts or threats of violence towards anyone.

The man appeared in court on May 21 for his initial appearance.

■ ■ May 10 - An officer received a phone call from a man who said a resident of a local healthcare center had fallen the day prior and broken his hip. The man was an employee and said he had to report the incident to law enforcement.

The resident was transported to a local hospital for his injury. The employee said staff had heard the resident fall in his room and then observed him on the ground. The officer wished to speak with the resident before the report was deemed complete.