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Midwest weather, at it again

Every once in awhile, mother nature decides to give central Wisconsin the proverbial “People’s Elbow” and reminds us that we are not in summer yet. The WWE move made famous by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson perfectly describes what the weather this week did to me and my wardrobe.

I’ve always enjoyed wearing shorts. Going back to when I worked for Coca- Cola, I’d wear shorts no matter if it was 10-below outside or 70 degrees as I stocked the grocery stores full of soda, Powerade, coffee, milk and virtually whatever other ingestible liquid you can think of. That was mostly because the pants Coca-Cola had employees wearing were smaller in the waist than the shorts and I never asked for bigger sizes. I’ve now probably shared too much information but I have to back up my apparent insanity.

The habit of wearing shorts when most others are wearing pants stuck with me into adulthood. I don’t watch the weather in the morning. I peek through the window and decide whether I can wear shorts or not. Despite it being the middle of February, I was all in on shorts season. I had worn them most of last week and earlier this week.

I get little barbs here and there from coworkers and other people I meet throughout the day. The other week, I went to an Abbotsford City Council meeting and a council member noted my apparel. I joked, “With legs like these, you just can’t cover them up.” It’s all in fun but it made me realize how lucky I am to be in an industry where khaki shorts and a polo are available as a wardrobe option.

When getting ready for work in the morning and I’m dressing in jeans and a sweatshirt while my wife has to wear scrubs or professional attire to work in the urgent care department in Marshfield, I do feel fortunate.

I’m not a fashion expert. My wardrobe would probably make those in the fashion industry quiver with contempt. But working in a smaller area where most people know everyone else has afforded me the opportunity to wear shorts when it’s colder out.

Now, if I could just get mother nature to get with the program...