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Letter to the

E ditor An inept congress:

Dear Editor, It is small wonder that this session of congress is going down in history as the one with the least accomplishments of any in our history. With two wars of great interest to the United States raging in different parts of the world and a government shutdown looming, this congress, including our own Congressman, Tom Tiffany, decided to go on vacation. A bipartisan bill was passed in the Senate that addressed what one party termed as an emergency on our southern border and provided funding to Ukraine. It was promptly announced ‘dead on arrival’ when it arrived in congress because it might be seen as a political win for one party and a loss for the other.

This willful political inaction allows the ‘emergency’ to go on for at least another six months with no resolution and Ukraine to struggle with diminishing resources.

Mr. Tiffany and the majority did mark one accomplishment at the beginning of the session in electing Kevin McCarthy as speaker. It took fifteen votes to elect him in January, only to recall him in October. They took three weeks to elect a new speaker leaving congress unable to act even if they had wanted to and placed the entire nation in danger.

Since then, the majority in congress has taken its orders from former President Trump. Tiffany supported this man for President. He has lost two lawsuits alleging sexual assault and financial fraud with 91 additional indictments involving campaign finance laws, the January 6 insurrection, tampering with the vote in Georgia and mishandling classified government documents.

Tiffany continues to look to him for advice. Our democracy is in mortal danger if we pay homage to tyrants and allow elected representatives to render our government bodies unworkable. They are failing us. We must collectively demand more from Congressman Tiffany.

Bryce Luchterhand Unity