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Colby receives offer for new Dollar General in TIF district

By Nathaniel Underwood

A developer has put forth an offer to purchase two acres of land in one of Colby’s TIF districts with the intention of constructing what will be a Dollar General on the land. The Colby city council accepted the $80,000 offer from The Overland Group, LLC, who will be constructing the building, at their February city council meeting.

The land in question lies on the northside of Colby between Highway 13 and Community Drive. Plans to create a frontage road, along which the new Dollar General will stand, and another street connecting the highway with Community Drive are also in the works.

Splitting up what was once an approximately eight-acre piece of land and creating two more highway-facing properties along the planned frontage road was seen as a move that would make the land more appealing to businesses. Since doing so, the city has seen interest in the lots, including the now accepted proposal from The Overland Group, LLC.

The purchase comes with the understanding that the commercial property development group will construct real estate with the minimum square footage of 10,640 square feet within the next three years.

While the city has been offering the land for next to nothing as part of its strategy to bring businesses into the community’s TIF districts, The Overland Group decided to forgo that incentive, instead opting

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to pay for the land outright.

Dollar General also has a location approximately a mile to the north of where the new store will be located along Highway 13.

According to The Overland Group’s website, they have developed between 120 and 130 Dollar Generals each year over the past seven years, doing work in 12 different states. They also work for other large corporations such as Home Depot, Arby’s and AT& T.