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Burglars steal tools, cash in NAPA break-in

Burglars steal tools, cash in  NAPA break-in Burglars steal tools, cash in  NAPA break-in

Two individuals stole nearly $1,200 in cash and more in tools from the NAPAAuto Parts store in Abbotsford during the early morning of February 20. As of February 27, the burglars have yet to be identified, however, the CAPD has multiple persons of interest with whom they are seeking information.

At approximately 6:40 a.m. on February 20, CAPD police chief Alex Bowman was dispatched to the store in Abbotsford for a suspicious activity call. The store manager had reported that several items had been moved around in the store. Bowman waited for IT personnel to arrive and then reviewed camera footage of the events.

According to the police report, security footage showed two masked individuals approach the building from the woods to the east of the store at 2:38 a.m. One of the individuals was wearing a dark blue jacket, dark blue work pants, a black winter hat, black face mask, gray gloves and bright, white tennis shoes with three red stripes on them. This individual also appeared to be wearing a white wig under his mask. The first individual appeared to have an average build and height according to the report.

The second individual was wearing a brown jacket, dark blue work pants, a black winter hat, black face mask, black gloves and dark brown work boots. This individual also ap-

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peared to be an older, white male who appeared to hunch when he walked and walked with a slight limp. The individual appeared very skinny and shorter than the other person.

Both people were seen on camera pacing back and forth on the east side of the building for a period of time. They then both walked to the south side of the building and checked one of the doors to see if it was open. They both walked to the north side of the building and cut the internet cable. They then walked back to the east side of the building and began cutting the siding with what appeared to be a sawzall.

The hole was determined to be the clear point of entry for whoever forced entry into the building. There was no damage found anywhere else on the exterior of the building.

At 2:50 a.m., the duo stopped cutting and ran back to the woods east of the store. They then returned an hour later and crawled through the hole they had cut, gaining entry to the store. While inside, the suspects accessed two safes, one of which contained $1,195 in cash. The two were seen in the main store area putting several power tools onto a cart. They loaded the cart with tools and then took several bungee straps from the store and strapped the power tools to the cart. They then went around the store and put several other items into their pockets and a bag that one of the individuals was carrying.

After about 25 minutes in the store, the suspects pushed the cart out of the north door of the store and pushed the cart east across the back parking lot and into the woods. As soon as they entered the woods, a garbage truck pulled into the back parking lot and picked up the garbage. The two individuals then disappeared into the woods and did not reappear.

During his investigation, Bowman followed the tracks from the cart and the footprints of the individuals in the snow into the woods. The officer followed the tracks east of NAPA and came across several items that the individuals had dropped. Bowman followed the tracks further east and found the green cart with the power tools still bungee strapped to the cart.

The tracks then turned northeast and the officer lost the trail. All the items located in the woods were photographed and returned to NAPA. Fresh blood was found on four of the bungee cords and they were collected as evidence.

The manager of the NAPA store said he would inventory all the items and advise the officer of what was missing in the coming days.

The police department is asking for those with information on the burglary to message the department on Facebook or contact the CAPD at 715-223-2313. Those coming forward with information may remain anonymous if they so choose.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA - The two suspects of the burglary spent nearly a half hour inside the store during the early morning hours of February 20.


DAMAGE TO THE BUILDING - The assailants gained access to the building by cutting a hole in the metal siding.