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COMMUNITY VOICES - Books for teachers update


In the November 9 issue, I asked for your help in donating books requested by Medford School District teachers. Since then, I’ve learned that one party was considering donating as a dedication all the copies of a book thought most appealing. I hadn’t thought of that way of participating! If there’s one or more books you or your organization most prefer, you could donate all, or even some of the copies of the requested title. Some publishers limit the number of copies of one title sold to individuals but allow sales of higher numbers to schools. If you encounter such a limit, the District will have to place the order.

The Medford School District says it can accept your donation for this project. It has no other active funds, but you can earmark any check or money order as “For Book Fund” and pay to the order of the Medford School District. The address is 124 W State St., Medford, Wi. 54451. I think your donation should somehow be publicly acknowledged. If you want to remain anonymous, note that on your donation. I’ll continue to try to update you occasionally. Below is the list of titles yet to be donated so you can look them up.

1) Same but Different Too by Newson, K. (21) 2) Together We Grow by Vaught, S. (20) 3) Junebug by Daniels, N. (19) 4) How Can We Be Kind? by Halfmann, J. (18) 5) Finding Wild by Wagner Lloyd, M. (17) 6) Gwen the Rescue Hen by Crawford, L. (15) 7) Our Animal Neighbors by Ricard, M. (15) 8) An Underwater Friend by Edelstein, H. (14) 9) Being Kind to Animals by Lindeen, M. (13) 10) Chickpea Runs Away by Colling, S. (13) 11) Rescuer of Tiny Creatures by Manley, C. (13) 12) Happy Animals: Friends Not Food by Raphael, L. and Saks, G. (11) 13) Sprig the Rescue Pig by Crawford, L. (11) 14) Plant-powered Animal Protectors by O’ Halloran, Y.

With appreciation for any contribution to this project.

— Michael J Riegert, Medford