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_ tFeb. 10 - An officer was notified of a complaint while on another call in reference to missing garbage and recycling bins at an Abbotsford residence.

The complainant reported he previously had two sets of garbage/recycling bins. The complainant recently had become a teacher in the area and thought possibly students took the items as a joke. There were fresh footprints leading up to where the extra bins were located.

The officer advised him to contact his garbage removal service to see if they took the extra garbage/recycling bins.

The complainant stated he called his garbage company multiple times, but could not reach anyone. He also stated he called the city of Abbotsford, who advised him the garbage companies have been grabbing extra garbage cans in the city as they have multiple questions from other citizens. The complainant advised he was satisfied the garbage can was picked up by the garbage company.

_ Feb. 15 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford business for a triggered motion alarm.

Upon arrival the officer observed both the side and front doors and there were no signs of forced entry. A second officer arrived on scene to assist as the key holder was notified and called to the scene.

The key holder opened the sliding doors for the officers. The key holder was advised to wait in their car. The officers approached with their department issued firearms in a low ready position. Both officers observed the cash registered drawers to be open, with no money inside.

The officers cleared the business and did not locate anyone. After, they spoke with the key holder and they acknowleged the cash drawers are kept in that position during the night. The security company was contacted to reset the alarm system.

_ Feb. 15 - An officer was dspatched to a Colby residence in regards to a welfare check. The officer had been advised a manager for a business in town has not been able to get in touch with an employee for several days. Dispatch also advised the complainant stated the employee had possession of the business keys and requested the officer obtain them from the employee.

The officer made phone contact with the manager who advised him that the employee had missed several shifts and no one has been able to make contact with him. The manager had given the officer the contact information and address.

Due to the limited amount of information of the employee the officer had run a background check and found he had a warrant with a body or bound amount.

Upon arrival of the employee’s residence the officer made contact with a female party who stated the the person in question was her husband and that he was not home.

The wife called her husband to get his location and to get the location of the businesses keys. He gave the information to the officer and said he would be home shortly.

The officer was able to obtain the business keys which he then dropped off at the business per request by the manger, then returned to the residence to speak to the employee.

The officer conducted a records check and had been returned with the previously before-mentioned body or bound amount. The employee said he was unaware of the warrents and would arrange payment for bond.

A second officer was called to assist as the male party would be placed under arrest and taken into custody.

_ Feb. 16 - An officer responded to a civil complaint in Colby. Dispatch advised the officer that the male party’s, who had made the complaint, ex-girlfriend had thrown his belongings outside and the male party wanted the officer to tell her she cannot do that.

Upon arriving at the residence the officer noticed a garbage can and clothing scattered in the driveway. The officer made contact with the male party who once again asked the officer to tell his exgirlfriend she cannot throw him out of the house since he pays rent and lives there.

The officer made contact with the ex-girlfriend, who was upstairs in the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, along with the ex-girlfriend, where her children. The officer noticed blood on the side of the face of the female. She said she was ok and denied being checked by EMS.

The officer asked what had happened tonight. The female explained she had been at the store and when she came home her boyfriend was upset that his daughter was not coming to the residence the next day and blamed it on her.

They had gotten into an arguement and she asked him to leave and to stay with her brother for the night. The male party denied that request and they continued to argue. The female threw some of his belongings outside, which made him very upset and contined yelling at her.

At that time, the female told the two children to go upstairs. The female said her boyfriend chased after her and as she was running, she slipped by the stairs, fell and hit her head causing a small cut on her forehead. The female told the officer that is when her boyfriend called the police. The female locked the bedroom door and waited for the police.

The officer went back down to the kitchen to have the male party describe the evening. The male spoke calmly as he told the officer that his girlfriend had a problem with his daughter and does not want her in the house. He explained that one of the children has health issues and his girlfriend blames his daughter for her sickness.

He told the officer he was standing in the kitchen when his girlfriend started to throw his belongings outside and then she went upstairs with the children. The officer asked if he had chased them and he replied no. He said he did not know that his girlfriend had a cut on her head and did not know how it got there. The officer then asked him why his girlfriend were scared and crying upstairs in the bedroom and he did not know why.

The officer went to speak to the girlfriend and children again. The girlfriend explained she had asked her oldest to watch the younger sibling while she was at the store, which upset her boyfriend because his girlfriend did not trust him with their daughter.

The oldest child told the officer while her mom was at the store, her mom’s boyfriend was texting his daughter and got upset when she told him she did not want to come over. The oldest child kept explaining that when her mom came home the two started to argue and they had become very scared of him.

The female told the officer she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child and once the boyfriend threatened to take the unborn baby and their child away from her.

The officer was also informed about numerous handguns and rifles hidden by her boyfriend. The female owned two firearms herself but they were locked in a safe. She told the officer her boyfriend has made comments of shooting her ex in the past.

The male party was arrested for disorderly conduct with the domestic abuse enhancer.

_ Feb. 16 - An officer was informed to go to an Abbotsford residence for a property complaint. The officer arrived at the residence and made contact with a male party who is the owner of the residence. The male party stated he had tenants renting the residence and are no longer renting or living at the residence. He also stated he found a clear glass pipe in a shoe box on the bed in the upstairs bedroom.

The officer took a look at the shoe box and saw a clear glass pipe with black stuff on the front of it. The male party stated he was cleaning the residence and did not want the glass pipe in the residence.

The officer questioned the male party who he thought the pipe belonged to and the male party told the officer he did not know.

The officer apprehended the clear glass pipe and took it into evidence.

_ Feb. 17 - An officer was contacted by a landlord in reference to finding drug related items. The landlord told the officer that she had been replacing a heating unit for one of the tenants and she had located several glass pipes and other drug related items. The landlord said she knew that these were drug related items due to dealing with previous tenants for similar issues.

The landlord told the officer that she had photographed all the items and then placed the items in a garbage bag to be turned over to the police. She had placed it in her office and requested an officer to pick up the items. She also had told the police she had been in the apartment legally and had been requested to come into the apartment by the tenant. The tenant was currently at work and he would be home later in the day.

The officer responded to the office to pick up the garbage bag. The landlord showed the officer the photos of the drug related items and told him where she had found the items. The officer transported the items back to the precinct to examine the items in the garbage bag.

The officer found the items tested positive of methamphetamine. All items were placed in evidence and the offi cer then contacted the landlord and advised her that he would be back soon to speak to the tenant about the items that were obtained from inside his apartment.

The landlord contacted the officer to advise him the tenant was home early. The officer had a second officer assist him in the call. They arrived at the apartment and met a male party at the door.

The male party had identifi ed himself as the person the officers were looking for. The male party invited the officers in. The officers explained to the male party his landlord found some drug related materials in his apartment while she was fixing his heater earlier in the day. The male party admitted the items were his.

The officer was granted permission to search the male party, and he admitted to having “Ice” on him. The officer asked if that was the street term for methamphetamine, the male party replied yes.

There was another male at the residence and the officer asked to search his person, and was granted permission. The officer located a plastic bag containing marijuana.

The officers then searched the apartment and found more drug paraphenalia. They seized the items.

The officers ran both male parties through the system and found both parties to have multiple warrents. Both parties were arrested and taken to Clark County Jail.

_ Feb. 19 - An officer took a walk up compliant from a male party in reference to erratic driving by his house. The male party told the offi cer he had gotten home a short while ago and saw a vehicle approach the intersection by his residence, run the stop sign, turn the corner hitting the emergency brake as it turned causing the vehicle to slide around the corner.

The vehicle had lost control and almost run off the road, onto the sidewalk. The male party said the driver in the vehicle did not appear to care that he almost ran off the road and drove away.

The male party said he had not seen this vehicle drive around his house before, but another vehicle frequently speeds past his house and drives unsafely.

The male also stated he was tired of these vehicles driving in that manner around his house and that there are kids in the neighborhood and did not want anyone injured.

The officers told him that CAPD would do extra patrols in the area.

_ Feb. 20 - An officer made contact with a male outside of an Abbotsford business in reference to a suspicous vehicle.

The male party stated he received a phone call from individuals that just moved into one of his rental properties about a vehicle that was parked outside the residence.

The individuals explained to their landlord the vehicle would open their mailbox and appeared to be looking through the mail.

The male party was unable to give the police any information about who might have been driving the vehicle. The officer advised if the vehicle comes back to the residence to contact law enforcement.

_ Feb. 20 - An officer was patrolling Abbotsford when he observed the vehicle in front of him have an air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror that was obstructing the driver’s view. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle.

The officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle. The officer recognized the driver from prior contacts and knew he had a revoked drivers license.

The officer confirmed by dispatch that the driver had a revoked license due to alcohol and a warrant and bond. The officer asked him to step out of his vehicle and walk to the front of the officer’s patrol car.

The officer explained the citations and warrant and bond amount to the driver. The male told the officer he had the bond amount in his wallet.

The officer explained he was placing him under arrest for his warrant and transported the male party to CAPD. The male party paid the bond amount and wa released.

_ Feb. 20 - An officer took a report of a found dog in Colby.

The officer met with a female who was holding the found dog. The female explained she had seen the small puppy wandering in her front lawn and had no collar. The officer took the dog back to CAPD.

Later that day another female called CAPD wondering if her dog had been found as she had lost hers. The female described the dog the officer picked up earlier. The female came to the CAPD to retrieve her dog, and received a warning for dog at large.

_ Feb. 20 - An officer was on routine patrol when he observed an open door and a light on at a pavilion building in Abbotsford. The officer advised dispatch of his findings and went in to investigate.

The officer searched the building. He did not observe any vandalism inside. While exiting the building the offi cer checked the door and door frame for any damage and did not locate any. While looking at the door, he observed a footprint but could not determine if it was old or new.

At that time, a second officer arrived to assist. They conducted another walk through of the building and again did not locate. Outside the building, the officers located two more sets of footprints, but could not determine if one was a match to the earlier footprint. The footprints led away from the building.

One officer had to use a lot of force as it was very difficult to close the door. The officers informed CAPD that follow up was needed at the locaton.

_ Feb. 20 - An officer was conducting routine patrol in Abbotsford when he observed a vehicle stopped at traffi c light, which had a green light. As the officer approached the vehicle he observed both the driver and driver’s side passenger door to be fully ajar. The officer advised dispatch of his findings, as he observed a female’s head leaning out of the driver’s side passenger door, with a dark like substance on the ground near her head.

The officer saw the female party, who was outside the vehicle, approach his patrol squad. He advised the female to move her car forward across the intersection. The female got in and moved her vehicle.

The officer was aware that Clark County deputies had previously been involved with a very large underage drinking party in a nearby town. He was also aware they conducted registration checks on the vehicle’s located at the party area.

Deputies were unable to make contact with anyone as no one came outside. The officer contacted dispatch to see if the vehicle in front of him was one of the vehicles at the party and he was advised it was, but it had drove by multiple times attempting to pick up individuals.

The officer made contact with the female who was outside the vehicle prior, the officer also observed a passenger in the back seat to be screaming and hyperventilating. The female driver said the rear passenger suffered from extreme panic attacks.

The female told the officer she stopped the vehicle because she did not want her friend vomiting in the car. She also explained that she had been a designated driver for her friends that were at a party but she had not been drinking.

The officer then opened the rear drivers side door and attempted to speak with the female who was vomiting. The female was intoxicated and had her eyes closed. She spoke to the officer with her eyes still shut, telling him she was very tired.

A second officer arrived on scene to assist and at that time the rear passenger having a panic attack started to escalate her episode. The officer requested EMS to check the health of both females in the rear seat of the vehicle.

The females provided the officers with phone numbers of their legal guardians/parents.

The first officer returned to his patrol vehicle to make contact wth legal guardians/parents to come and get the females. The first officer did not issue underage drinking citations but explained lying to the police was not a good idea. He also advised the females the second officer might issue citations and that it was up to him.