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his breath as he spoke. ….

his breath as he spoke. The man said his mother’s husband had stabbed him in the palm, and he showed the officer his wound. The officer also spoke to the man’s mother, who came outside and said she was fine.

The officer went inside the residence to speak with the suspect. He had a bump above his left eye and dried blood on his forehead. He kept denying that he had a knife, but showed the officer a fork in his bedroom that he claims to have used in self-defense against the complainant. He said the complainant just came into his bedroom while he was sleeping and hit him in the head for no reason.

A Clark County deputy arrived and stayed with the suspect while the officer again spoke to the victim. He said he was defending his mother when the suspect punched him several times and jabbed at him with a knife. He admitted to punching the suspect in the head while defending himself. Later, the suspect’s mother confirmed that her husband and son had been drinking alcohol all night long, and her husband shoved her into a dresser after she tried to help him when he fell out of his bed. She said her husband had stabbed her son with a fork, and also tried coming after him with a knife, but she was able to wrestle it away from him.

The suspect was arrested for domestic battery, disorderly conduct and endangering safety with a dangerous weapon. The complainant was also arrested for bail jumping, as he was on probation with the condition that he did not drink alcohol. A preliminary breath test at the jail showed a blood-alcohol level of .013.