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Vicky Halopka at AbbyBank earns special certification

Vicky Halopka at AbbyBank earns special certification Vicky Halopka at AbbyBank earns special certification

Vicki Halopka, compliance officer for AbbyBank, was recently awarded the Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) professional designation from the American Bankers Association.

“Earning the CRCM certification validates Vicki’s experience and depth of education in the bank regulatory compliance environment,” said Craig Stuedemann, CEO of AbbyBank.

The CRCM certification is awarded to individuals who demonstrate excellence in the field of bank regulatory compliance. To qualify for the CRCM certification, individuals must have certain levels of experience and education in the compliance profession, pass an exam and agree to abide by a code of ethics.

The CRCM exam covers regulatory requirements as they relate to credit, deposits/ securities, safety and soundness, information reporting and corporate responsibility.

When Halopka isn’t working, she volunteers her time for many organizations. Some of her volunteer roles include president of the FFA Alumni and committee member of the Friends of the Christian Education Banquet. Along with these organizations, she always jumps at the chance to volunteer at bank sponsored events. Financial services professionals, working through ABA, initiated the CRCM certification and seven others to establish meaningful standards of knowledge in specialty areas of the financial services industry. ABA professional certifications formally recognize those who meet these standards and meet professional continuing education and development requirements.

ABA professional certifications promote the highest standards of performance in the financial services industry by validating individuals’ knowledge and expertise.

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