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Haunted Trail cancelled due to state CC meet

Due to the WIAA State Cross Country Meet in Colby on Saturday, Oct. 31, The Haunted Trial will be canceled for 2020, on both Oct. 30 and 31.

Matt Oehcmichen, the Haunted Trail event organizer, made the announcement on The Hornet’s Nest Facebook page.

“It is with a heavy heart to bring about this news, and I personally apologize, to not just the people who were looking forward to coming, but those who waited all year to participate...We have quite the think-tank of people (Brett Ewert, Julie Oehmichen, Jena Elmhorst, Andrew Dunlavy, Kelby Lechleitner, Wade Oehmichen, Ariel Oehmichen, Craig Oehmichen, Jean Schlichting-Schmitt, Jennifer Weigt-Fuerst, Matt Van Thiel, Joe Hawthorne, Amanda Kasparek, Dominick Lang, Colten Roehl, Sarah Oehmichen, Theresa Shay Hagen, Teri Micke Raatz, just to name a few) that have been active and first in line to help out.”

When he learned that Colby had a chance of hosting the state cross-country meeting, Oehmichen said he got in contact with cross-country Bryon Graun. Once it became official that Colby would be the host site, it was determined that Friday night’s Haunted Trail would have to be cancelled to allow for the course to be set up before Saturday’s meet.

The Haunted Trail could have been held Saturday night after the meet ended, but organizers would have had only about hour to set up. Other options were explored, but eventually dismissed.

“It isn’t everyday, perhaps maybe even ever again, that our town/city can host a state championship event. Taking a bow instead of working uphill made more sense. Our cancelation was due to the state meet, not COVID or lack of participation,” Oehmichen wrote. “We will be back next year and will be ready to scare the pants off of you. Sorry, once again, and we will scare you next year.”