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Abby to issue raze order for dilapidated garage

Abbotsford’s planning commission signed off on a raze order last week that will compel the owner of a dilapidated garage on North Second Street to tear down the structure within 30 days.

According to the order drafted by building inspector Bob Christensen, the garage at 309 N. Second St., owned by Leonard and Karen Riehle, has been deemed “dangerous, unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unfit for human habitation and unreasonable to repair.”

“It’s been like that for well over a year,” said DPW Craig Stuttgen.

The owners will have 30 days from the time they receive the order to ask a circuit court to stop the razing process. Otherwise, if the owners fail to tear down the building and remove the remains, the city crew will be authorized to do it.

“That one’s just steel and wood,” Stuttgen said. “We could take that to a landfi ll.”

Ald. Jim Weix made the motion to approve the raze order.

“I’m tired of driving by and seeing it,” he said.

The council will vote on the raze order at its Aug. 31 meeting, and after Christensen signs it, it will be sent to the Riehles as registered mail. Once they receive it, the 30-day deadline will start.

In a related matter, the commission approved a motion to have Christensen inspect a garage at 308 N. First St., which has several holes in its roof and live electrical wires inside.

Depending on the results of the inspection, an order to either repair or raze that garage could be issued in the future.

Other business

_ The commission recommended approval of a special use permit for Mike Hryndej to remodel the former Reis & Reis account office at 406 E. Spruce St. into a single-family rental house. The neighboring property owners have been notified of his proposal, and the city will vote on the commission’s recommendation at its Aug. 31 meeting.

_ The commission made a series of recommendations that were approved the same night by the city council. Read the city council story for details on those actions.