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_ Aug. 5 - An officer investigated a complaint of unregistered vehicles at a residence on South First Street in Colby. The officer could see one vehicle with an expired license plate and another with no plate at all. Photographs were taken, and a warning letter was sent to the occupants.

_ Aug. 5 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby gas station in reference to a gas skip. He met with a cashier who provided him with photos of a van whose owner did not pay for $38.32 worth of gas. The cashier said the same van was involved in a gas skip of $40.21 on July 21. The officer called the van’s registered owner and left a voicemail for her to call back.

_ Aug. 5 - An officer investigated possible ordinance violations at an Abbotsford residence on West Butternut Street. The officer could see a pickup truck with expired plates and missing taillights. A second pickup box was also stacked on top of the truck’s box. The officer also noticed a stack of several tires near the garage. Photographs were taken, and a warning letter was sent to the property owners.

_ Aug. 5 - An officer investigated possible ordinance violations at a Colby residence on South Main Street. The officer could see a minivan with no license plates and tall grass growing around the tires. Photographs were taken, and a warning letter was sent to the occupants.

_ Aug. 5 - An officer ran the license plate of a vehicle on Cedar Street in Abbotsford, and the registered owner of the vehicle came back as having a suspended license due to unpaid parking tickets. The officer pulled the vehicle over, met with the driver and explained the reason for the stop. As they were talking, the officer could smell burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle.

When asked if he had any marijuana in his vehicle, the driver said no. The officer walked his K-9 around the vehicle, and it alerted to the smell of narcotics. A search of the vehicle uncovered a bong with marijuana residue inside a backpack on the floor near the front passenger’s seat. The driver said it belonged to a female friend and he did not know it was there.

The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license, driving with an expired and suspended registration, driving without insurance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

_ Aug. 6 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence to assist Marathon County in locating a suspect in a domestic abuse incident. The officer was unable to locate the suspect, so he went and spoke with the alleged victim, who was at a hotel parking lot in Abbotsford.

The complainant said her livein boyfriend had shoved his elbow against her vehicle window while trying to get her keys. She said she was unable to breathe and tried telling him to stop. She said he eventually got the keys out of her pocket, and before she could get out of the vehicle, he sped out of the parking lot. She said he had been drinking alcohol and was speeding.

About a mile down the road, she said he stopped the car and told her to get out. Once she got out, he sped away and she texted her sister, who called 911. A Marathon County deputy found her and picked her up. She said her boyfriend had been physically abusive in the past.

The complainant said she wanted her children to stay with her sister for the night. Police tried again to make contact with the boyfriend, but he would not answer his door. The complainant called her oldest daughter, and she brought the rest of the kids out of the house so they could be picked up.

Officers returned to the house the next afternoon and met with the boyfriend. He admitted to getting into an argument with the complainant, but said he was just trying to grab some keys when she scratched his arm. He refused to provide a written statement. He was arrested for domestic abuse/disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

_ Aug. 6 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a stolen bike complaint. He met with a teenage girl who said she left her bike next to her house the previous night at about 10 p.m., and when she went to ride it again that day, it was gone.

The complainant did not have any suspects in mind. She described the bike as a pink Huffy with a small blue oval on the center bar with Huffy in white lettering. She said her parents had bought it for her at a garage sale recently.

_ Aug. 7 - An officer responded to a hold-up alarm at a bar in Abbotsford. When he arrived, the officer noticed a female in a car parked outside the bar and a male getting in another across the street. The officer asked the woman if anything was going on inside the bar, and she said the man across the street had been throwing a fit. The man in question yelled over to the officer to have a nice night and that he had a sober ride. The vehicle he entered then took off.

The officer went to the entrance of the door, and the owner opened it. He said the man who just left had been drinking at the bar, and got upset when the owner decided to close for the night. The owner said he locked the door as soon as the man left the bar, but the man started banging on the door and hitting the windows, causing a sign on the inside of the windowsill to fall down. The man was trying to get the bar owner to come outside, but the owner said he didn’t want to deal with him.

The owner said nothing was damaged but he was banning the man from the bar. The female who had been parked outside provided the officer with the man’s first name and showed him the man’s profile on Facebook. The officer got a phone number from dispatch, and left a message for the man to call him back.

_ Aug. 7 - An officer responded to a report of three young children being left unsupervised at a house in Colby. The caller said the children’s father had left on an ATV and thought they were alone. The officer went to the house and discovered that the children’s mother had been home the whole time, but the caller never saw her because she was inside while the kids were outside.

_ Aug. 7 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby address in response to a theft complaint. He met with a man who said a female party had stolen $240 in cash from him while he was staying with his ex-girlfriend. He said the suspect’s boyfriend also threatened him over the phone.

The officer went to the exgirlfriend’s house and spoke to her about the complainant’s accusation. She said her exboyfriend had actually gone to an ATM and given the money to the woman he was accusing of stealing. She said he gave her the money so her kids could visit their grandmother. The ex-girlfriend said she was tired of dealing with the complainant and had kicked him out. He was also not allowed to be in the apartment building as a condition of his probation.

The officer also spoke to the woman who was accused of stealing the money. She gave the same details as the complainant’s ex-girlfriend. When asked about the threats he received, she admitted to using a man’s voice to try and get him to leave her alone. The officer warned her about making threats and advised her to block the complainant’s phone number.

The officer returned to the complainant, who admitted that he had given the money to the woman and lied about it being stolen. Because he was on probation, the officer reported the incident to his agent, but no hold was placed on him. The offi cer said he may refer the complainant for filing a false report.

_ Aug. 7 - An officer responded to a Colby residence in reference to a complaint of an ATV racing up and down West Clark Street. The officer spoke with a resident who said the ATV has been going back and forth on the street for several hours and was not stopping for stop signs. He also said the ATV’s loud exhaust was making it difficult for him to sleep.

The officer located the ATV in question and met with the rider, who was warned about his driving behavior. He said he would stop riding the ATV for the night and would no longer drive recklessly in the future.

_ Aug. 8 - A woman came to the police station to retrieve her driver’s license, but none had been turned in. The woman she believes she dropped her license while shopping in Abbotsford the previous day. A man texted her and said he would be dropping it off at the police station. An officer told her that she would be contacted if her license is turned in.

_ Aug. 8 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford store in reference to a possible vehicle accident. The officer met with a woman who pointed out the bumper skirt on her SUV, which was bent upward and cracked. The officer did not see any paint transfer from another vehicle, but the complainant was certain the damage occurred while she was inside shopping.

The officer reviewed the store’s security cameras, but did not see any other vehicle come near the complainant’s SUV while it was parked. The officer noted that the SUV was not in full view of the cameras. He called the complainant and notified her of his findings.

_ Aug. 9 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a phone harassment complaint. The complainant said someone had been contacting him through the “What’s App” program, and threatening to post pictures of naked children on his Facebook page if he did not send money. He also said the person or persons contacting him had threatened to call the FBI and other authorities on him. The officer read the text messages and listened to the voicemails on his phone. The people never identify themselves, but they did demand $3,000. The officer told the complainant that this was a scam and advised him to block the phone numbers. The officer looked up the numbers, and they all appeared to come from the Dominican Republic.

_ Aug. 9 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence to speak with a woman about her vehicle. The woman said her teenage son had been using her vehicle and then lent to someone with a bad driving record and no license. She provided the officer with his phone number. He called it multiple times, but no one answered.

The officer asked the complainant to try calling the subject who had her car. She did so, and he agreed to return it to her immediately. The officer followed up later to confirm that she had the vehicle back.

_ Aug. 10 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a husband and wife who both wanted to kick the other one of the house. The officer arrived and met with the husband, who said his wife had left to stay with her mother. He said his wife was cheating on him, and their marriage was ending. He said she wants him out of the house, but he’s the one who pays all the bills and raises the children.

The officer said neither of them could kick the other out of the house as they are still married. He told the complainant that he would have to go through the eviction process with their landlord. When the complainant asked about child custody issues, the officer told him that a court would have to settle that.

_ Aug. 12 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to a suspicious person. He met with a woman who was sitting outside a house belonging to her child’s father. She said she was supposed to have a supervised visit with her child, but social services did not show up at the designated location. The officer told her to leave the area, which she did after the officer agreed to place a bag of items for her child next to the door.