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The farm has 18 goats, each with their own name and personality.

The farm has 18 goats, each with their own name and personality. The farm has 18 goats, each with their own name and personality.

When he butchered animals for their own use the past few years, he saved the fat from all the pigs to start rendering lard.

Lotion and lip balms are made in a similar manner, but can be used right away, since they do not have lye in them.

The lotion is made by using equal parts goat milk and water in one pot, and mixing the oils (coconut, shea and grapeseed), and emulsifying wax in another pot.

“The emulsifying wax is a thickener for the lotion,” said Keesha.

When the two pots are combined, they add optiphen, a natural preservative, and any fragrance or essential oils.

Lip balms are made by melting down, and mixing, a number of oils, beeswax and goat milk powder. Flavorings are added for scent.

Currently, Cicha Acres offers over 20 different scents of soaps, lotions and wax products. The popularity of specific scents changes over time, and sometimes varies by area.

“Lilacs and lilies scent is...the most popular, along with unicorn farts,” said Keesha of the soap scents most chosen.

Cicha Acres also offers scents such as peppermint, eucalyptus lemon and sandalwood-amber in soaps. There is also an unscented option available.

To finish off the soaps, they are labeled with colored ribbons to signify the different scents.

The couple will move the operation up the street to their new location, sometime in the future. Keesha is hoping for a whole room to be dedicated to making the products in the new place, as the current arrangement features impromptu drying racks and storage areas in a hallway in their house.

David and Keesha frequent craft shows and farmer’s markets within a three-hour radius of the farm, throughout the year.

“Basically, from March, when some of the bigger ones start, all the way up to Christmas, almost, was every weekend,” David said of the craft and vendor shows they take their goods to. “I think there was...two weeks we didn’t do one.”

Products can be purchased at Harvest Moon Organics, Cadott; Artisans Boutiquelet, Glen Flora; and Shirley’s Place, Ladysmith. Purchases also can be made via their online store

Someday, the couple hopes to add a little storefront on the farm.

“We love showing off the goats whenever we can get a chance,” said Keesha.

David and Keesha Cicha started Cicha Acres four years ago, after Keesha needed an excuse to get goats. What started as a hobby making soap for themselves, turned into a business after friends and co-workers asked to buy some.