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_ May 26 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby in reference to a suspicious activity complaint. He met with a teen who wanted to report an incident that may be related to a suspicious vehicle complaint she reported the previous weekend. In the original incident, she and two other teens were driving back from Marshfield when they started being followed by a black SUV.

The complainant said the driver of the SUV would pull up alongside her vehicle, roll down his window and try talking to her, but neither she nor her passengers would respond. She said the SUV continued alongside her vehicle as they went around a curve. She said she tried to get away by taking side roads, but the SUV continued to follow her until she reached Colby, when the vehicle passed her. She said she did not recognize the three men in the vehicle.

Then, at about 2 a.m. that morning, she and her friend were woken up when they thought they heard banging on the door of the house. They looked outside but did not see anything. She said her brother also told her that he heard footsteps that morning, but it was unclear if they were inside the house or not. She said her mother also heard the doorbell ring.

The teen was not sure if that morning’s incident was related to the previous incident involving the SUV. Her friend said she had seen the same SUV parked at her place of employment in Abbotsford, and she recognized the driver as the same one from the incident on STH 13.

The officer advised the complainant to check her home to make sure nothing was missing or disturbed. He also told the teens to call the police if they see the SUV again. Later that day, the complainant called the officer back and said she saw the SUV at an apartment in Abbotsford. She provided the officer with the license plate number, which was from Minnesota. The officer was able to identify the owner of the vehicle, but no further action was taken at the time the report was filed.

_ May 28 - An officer was dispatched to downtown Abbotsford in reference to a possible domestic disturbance after a passerby reported a male and female party yelling loudly at each other outside the library. The officer located the male party involved and determined that he was involved in an open domestic battery case. Under this bond conditions, he was not allowed to drink alcohol or have contact with the alleged victim.

The suspect told multiple stories about what he had been doing. He eventually admitted to having contact with the alleged victim and to drinking alcohol the night before. He was arrested for violating his bond conditions.

Another officer spoke to the female incident involved in the incident. She said she had gone out to the bar with some friends, when the suspect arrived. She said he got jealous and left immediately, but she followed him outside, where they began arguing. She said nothing physical happened, and she did not want to get him in trouble. The officer advised her to avoid contact with him if she does not want to get him into further trouble.

_ May 28 - An officer responded to a report of a possibly intoxicated driver traveling south on STH 13 toward Abbotsford. The officer located the vehicle near Pine Street and followed it into Colby, but did not notice any signs of impaired driving. The vehicle’s license was expired, so the officer pulled the vehicle over near Adams Street.

The driver identified himself with a valid license and said he was coming home from work in Medford. He denied having anything to drink and said his erratic driving was due to him being on his phone. A deputy arrived on scene, and both he and the officer could smell marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The driver admitted he had a pot pipe and handed it to the officer.

The officer had the driver exit the vehicle for field sobriety tests. He showed a few signs of impairment and struggled to do the walk-and-turn and oneleg stand. The driver said he had numerous surgeries on his knees and was still in need of hip surgery. He said he smokes marijuana for pain relief because the doctors won’t given him prescription medication.

Trace amounts of marijuana were found in a canister in the vehicle. The driver was cited possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. The officer decided not to arrest the driver for operating while intoxicated, but he had the driver call his wife for a ride home because he admitted smoking marijuana earlier that night.

_ May 29 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby neighborhood in reference to a stray dog complaint. He met with a woman who had caught a stray dog with no tags or collar. She said her daughter asked all their neighbors if the dog belonged to them, but they all said no. The dog was taken to the police station, where it was claimed by its owner the following day.

_ May 29 - An officer spoke with a man who said he was walking his dog in an alley behind an Abbotsford residence when they were attacked by another dog. The complainant said he was able to pick his dog up and neither of them were hurt when the other dog jumped up. He said a woman called the dog back into the residence.

The officer spoke with the woman at the residence, and arranged for she and the dog’s owner to speak with him later that weekend. At that meeting, the officer confirmed that the dog was registered with the city and that the owner had additional insurance because the dog was considered to be a potentially “vicious” breed. The officer said the dog still needs to be kept under the owner’s control, and if there were any further complaints, the city could order the dog removed from the city. The owner noted that the dog walker could have actually been on their property since the alley is grassed over. The officer agreed, but said the dog still needs to be under control.

_ May 29 - An officer was on routine patrol in Colby when he ran the license plate of a car in front of him on Elderberry Road. The license plates came back as expired, and the registered was listed as not having a valid license.

The officer signaled for the vehicle to stop, and it pulled into a nearby parking lot. The driver immediately got out, and the officer told him to return to his vehicle. The driver asked the offi cer why he was being stopped, and when the officer tried answering, the driver started yelling and talking over the officer.

The officer advised the driver several times to get back into his vehicle, but he did not comply. When asked for his driver’s license, the driver refused to provide one and accused the offi cer of racially profiling him because he’s Puerto Rican. The driver eventually handed the officer a Texas ID card, but he refused to take a seat in his vehicle. The driver said he did not have any weapons and then threw all the contents of his pockets onto the hood of his car.

Another officer arrived to provide back-up, and the driver was detained due to his aggressive behavior. Dispatch reported that the driver did not have a valid license, and he had one previous conviction for driving without a license. When asked if he had insurance on the vehicle, he swore at the officer.

While seated in the back of the squad, the driver threatened to kill the officer multiple times and also banged his head into the window. Due to COVID- 19, the Marathon County Jail would not accept him on a misdemeanor resisting charge, so he was cited for driving without a license (second), driving without insurance and obstructing an officer. He continued to swear at the officer as the officer was trying to explain the citations. He was released from the handcuffs, handed the citations and told he was free to go.

_ May 30 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford gas station in reference to a trespassing complaint. He met with the manager, who said a male subject had just come to the store after he was previously told not to return. She said the man had previously stolen candy bars from the store and was told by police that he was not welcome back at the store. This was the second time he came back to the store since then.

The manager did not think the man had stolen anything during these past two incidents, but she planned on checking the security footage just to make sure. The officer confirmed that the man had previously been told not to come back to the store after being cited for theft. The officer called the man and advised him that he was being cited for trespassing. The man admitted that he had been told not to return, and said he would not go back again.

POLICE LOG / _ May 30 - An officer met with a man at the police station after Clark County asked for assistance in getting the man’s address so court papers could be delivered to his residence. While he was there, the officer learned that the man had an active warrant for failure to appear in court on a charge of operating after revocation. The man knew about the warrant and was able to post the $500 cash bond. A new court date was set for him.

_ May 31 - An officer responded to a complaint of someone’s vehicle getting egged while it was parked overnight on West Broadway Street in Colby. The vehicle owner said he noticed egg on his vehicle while mowing his lawn that morning. The officer photographed egg on the hood, windows and doors of the vehicle. The complainant did not have any suspects in mind, and no other houses or vehicles in the area had egg on them.

Two vehicles parked on South Sixth Street in Colby were also egged that following night, and were reported early Monday morning. One of the complainants said he believed it happened sometime after 10 p.m. on Sunday night.