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_ April 13 - An officer responded to a report of garbage being left on the curb in front of a house on North Second Street in Abbotsford. He could see an old TV, a small stereo and other electronics left out on the curb.

The officer informed the homeowner that the city’s garbage collectors will not pick up items that are left outside the carts provided to residents. The officer advised him to contact the garbage company to arrange a special pick-up of the electronics. The officer gave the homeowner 10 days to remove the items or he would be fined.

_ April 13 - An officer was on patrol in Abbotsford when he noticed a couple of recliners on the curb in front of a house on North Third Street. The items appeared to have been there for awhile, as they were covered in snow. The officer met with the homeowner, who said he had been meaning to call the garbage company to have the items removed. He was advised that he had 10 days to clear the items or he would be cited.

_ April 13 - An officer responded to an Abbotsford residence in response to a report from two parents who were worried about their teenage daughter possibly using drugs. The parents had found a vape pen, and the officer confirmed that the mouthpiece smelled like marijuana. The daughter admitted it was hers, but would not say who gave it to her. The parents also discussed other issues, including their daughter allegedly stealing money from family members, sneaking out at night and using tobacco products.

The liquid inside the pen tested positive for marijuana. The officer tried to get the daughter to say who provided her with the vape pen, but she refused to say. The officer informed the parents that he would be citing their daughter for possessing a vape pen on a daily basis for the next three days.

_ April 14 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby gas station in response to a one-vehicle accident. The officer arrived and saw a vehicle with major frontend damage in the parking lot. He spoke to a pair of witnesses, including the store manager, who said the driver came into the station to inform her of the accident before re-parking the car in front of a garage bay.

The officer also spoke to a woman who had been following the vehicle before the accident. She said the car had been traveling north in the southbound lanes of STH 13, and it abruptly swerved to the right, crossing all lanes of traffic before striking a signpost near the gas station. The witness said she stopped and spoke to the driver, who told her he did not have a driver’s license and needed to leave. Both witnesses said the driver left on foot after parking his vehicle.

The officer went looking for the driver and found him just as he was about to enter a house. The officer told him to stop, but he went inside the house and shut the door behind him. The officer waited outside for a few minutes, until the driver reemerged. The officer asked him to come over to his squad car, but he refused. The man claimed that he didn’t know anything about the accident and didn’t need to identify himself because he had done nothing wrong.

The man began to walk away from the officer, so the officer grabbed him by his sweatshirt and told him that he was being detained. As he escorted the man to his squad, the officer asked him if he lived at that residence. He said he was visiting a friend, but he would not say where he was before that.

The owner of the house came outside and was upset with the man for entering his residence without permission. He said the manwasluckyhedidn’tgetshot. The suspect said he thought his friend lived there, but the homeowner said the friend was his grandson, who lives elsewhere. The homeowner said he wanted to press charges for trespassing.

Another officer came to the scene and confirmed that the suspect was the man driving at the time of the accident, based on surveillance footage from the gas station. Officers also learned that the vehicle he was driving had been taken without permission from a home in Medford.

The suspect was fidgety and sweating, and officers suspected he was on drugs, so he was taken to the police station for sobriety tests. The suspect showed signs of being under the influence of either cocaine or methamphetamine, though he denied using any drugs until after he was placed under arrest for operating under the influence. He then admitted to using every drug except heroin and prescription pills, but he was vague about he last time he used.

The suspect had a revoked license and was on probation for a theft charge in Taylor County. He was arrested on a probation hold and cited for failure to report an accident, driving after revocation and driving left of center. The case was also forwarded to the district attorney for other possible charges.

_ April 15 - An officer observed two vehicles parked right next to each other at Shortner Park, including one with three occupants and another that was empty. The officer stopped to speak with them about the parks being closed due to the statewide saferat- home order.

A female subject sitting in the driver’s seat opened her door, and the officer could immediately smell marijuana. The backseat passenger admitted that they had been smoking marijuana wax. A search of the vehicle uncovered a bong and a pipe with marijuana residue. One of the passengers turned out to have a photo ID in his wallet with a different name than the one he provided. The second passenger, a female subject, admitted that all of the drug items was hers. She was cited for possession of paraphernalia, and the male passenger was cited for obstructing an officer.

_ April 15 - An officer was on patrol in Abbotsford when he ran the license plate of a vehicle on Spruce Street. The registration came back as expired, with no vehicle associated to it. The officer pulled the vehicle over and spoke to the driver, who showed the officer the car’s title and said he was just using it to drive home.

The officer had earlier noticed the driver stopping at a local house and briefly meeting with a man who came outside and leaned into his car window. The officer suspected a drug deal had gone down, so a K-9 was called to the scene to do a sniff of the vehicle. The dog alerted to the presence of drugs, and a search of the vehicle revealed a jar of methamphetamine, an empty bag with residue and a pipe with residue. The driver admitted that it all belonged to him.

_ April 15 - An officer responded to a medical call at an Abbotsford gas station involving a male subject who was vomiting. EMTs requested police assistance after the subject said he had taken 40 Tylenol pills in an attempt to kill himself. The officer met with the man in the back of the ambulance, and he admitted that he tried to kill himself because things in his life were “too much.”

The officer followed the ambulance to the emergency room in Marshfield, where the subject was admitted until he recovered from the overdose. The subject was supposed to check himself into a health care center after being released from the hospital, but he did not do so. The officer learned that he and his family had been living in a motor home parked at the gas station parking lot. The officer located him at the motor home and had him speak to a crisis worker over the phone. She concluded that the man met the criteria for an emergency detention, so the officer took him into custody and brought him a health care center in Wausau.

_ April 17 - An officer noticed a pile of garbage on the curb in front of a home on West Pine Street, including an old TV, couch and the front bumper of a vehicle. The officer met with the homeowner, who said he thought garbage collectors were supposed to remove those items. The officer told him that the garabage company does not pick up items outside of the carts, and he needed to arrange a special pick-up. The officer said he had 10 days to remove the items or he would be cited. The homeowner called the officer later and said he had moved the items to a fenced-in area on his property, so they were less visible. The officer said that was fine, but he still needed to dispose of them properly to avoid violating the city’s junk ordinance.

_ April 17 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence for a welfare check on a man who had not been heard from in several days by the people who deliver him meals. When the officer arrived, the man was sitting in a chair watching TV. He said everything was OK. The officer relayed this message to the agency that delivers his meals.

_ April 17 - An Abbotsford man came to the police station to complain about being harassed by his landlord. The complainant showed an officer a handwritten eviction notice that had been taped to his door. He said he knows this is not how the eviction process works, based on previous experience helping his relative with rental properties.

The officer said this was a civil matter, but he confirmed that the landlord needed to go through the court system to do an eviction. The complainant said he also suspected his landlord of going through his vehicle, as he noticed several items had been moved around. He said nothing was missing at this point, so the officer advised him to make sure his vehicle is locked.

_ April 17 - An officer was dispatched to the parking lot in front of a Colby business in response to a man selling cotton candy out of his vehicle. Another officer was already on scene talking to the man in his vehicle. The man admitted he did not have a seller’s permit issued by the city, but said he previously had permission from the property owners and the city to sell hot dogs out of a cart in the lot.

Officers advised him that he needed to get a new permit and ask for permission again to make sure the property owners were OK with what he was doing. He agreed to do so and then left the parking lot.

_ April 17 - A woman called to report a possible restraining order violation. She said the man was currently in jail for sexually abusing her, but he had workrelease privileges that allow him to work in Abbotsford.

The complainant said she was exiting the parking lot of an Abbotsford bank when she noticed a company van from the suspect’s employer. She said the van followed her all the way into Colby and continued to turn whenever she did after she went onto the back roads. She admitted she never saw who was driving the van, but she thought it was suspicious. The officer agreed to write a report, but he said he couldn’t do anything more unless he had proof the suspect violated the restraining order.

_ April 18 - An officer was on patrol in Abbotsford when he noticed a pile of garbage on the curb in front of a residence on North Fourth Street. The pile included a dehumidifier, lumber and a wooden box. The officer spoke to the homeowner, who said the garbage company had always picked up loose items in the past. The officer advised her that the company only picks up what’s in the carts, and she needs to contact them to pick up other items. She was given 10 days to have the items removed.

_ April 18 - An officer responded to a report of a man walking around with a handgun outside near an apartment complex in Abbotsford. The officer patrolled around the area of the apartments, but did not see anything suspicious. A Clark County deputy arrived, and together they spoke to a group of men who were grilling and playing music outside. They all said they had not seen anything suspicious.

One of the men in the group said he was the one who relayed the report to the police from a man who does not speak English and did not want to meet directly with police. Officers were told that the subject they were looking for had just left in a vehicle. An officer contacted the apartment manager to ask about video surveillance, but she was not available. At the time the report was written, it was unknown who the subject was, whether or not he was allowed to carry a gun or even if he had a gun.

_ April 19 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference a domestic disturbance involving an intoxicated woman. The officer met with a man who said he and his girlfriend had been drinking at a friend’s house that night when his girlfriend passed out in the bathroom. He said he took her home and she initially fell asleep, but then she got up to go to the bathroom and ended up in their closet.

The complainant said he took his girlfriend to the bathroom, and she passed out on the toilet. He said he didn’t want to keep dealing with her, so he told her just to come to bed. Later, he learned that she had crawled into bed with his daughter and his daughter’s boyfriend while naked. When he confronted her, he said she pushed him in the chest and he pushed her back. The complainant said he had his daughter call the police.

The girlfriend was asked to come and speak with the offi ce. When asked what had happened, she said she didn’t know and denied fighting with the complainant. She also denied getting into bed with the complainant’s daughter and her boyfriend. She agreed to provide a preliminary breath test, which showed a blood-alcohol level of .171.

There were a total of five juveniles in the residence at the time, and the officer interviewed several of them about what happened. They confirmed the complainant’s version of events, but none of them saw the two adults physically fighting. Based on their statements, the officer arrested the woman for domestic disorderly conduct and took her to jail.

_ April 19 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a criminal damage complaint. He met with a woman who said someone had damaged her garage door in an apparent attempt to break in. The officer noticed that the bottom panel on the door was pushed inward, but he did not see any dents or prints on the panel itself.

The complainant thought that someone had tried to pull the door up, and when they found out it was locked, they tried to force their way in. She said she discovered the damage at 10 a.m. that morning and that it must have happened after 7 p.m. the night before. The officer took a closer look at the inside of the door and saw two bent areas along the roller channel, which was loose. The complainant said she did not have any suspects in mind, but she agreed to call again if she noticed any more suspicious activity.

_ April 19 - A woman came to the police station with a stray dog that had started following her while she was walking by Abbotsford High School. She said she asked several people if the dog belonged to them, but they all said no.

The dog had a collar with a leash attached, but no tags. The officer put the dog in the department’s kennel, and went to the area where it was found. A resident told him who the owners were, so he went to their house. The woman there said the dog belonged to her daughter, who came to the station later that day to claim the dog. The officer warned her about letting her dog run loose and also advised her to get a tag with contact information.

_ April 19 - An officer responded to an Abbotsford apartment in reference to a domestic disturbance after a man called to report problems with his roommate. When the officer arrived, the complainant and his mother were arguing loudly with the roommate and his girlfriend. The officer could see that the complainant had blood on his face.

After numerous attempts to calm the complainant and his mother down, the officer told them to wait outside while he spoke to the roommate and his girlfriend. The roommate’s girlfriend had part of the altercation on video, and in it, the offi cer could see the complainant charging at his roommate, who then puts him in a headlock. They continued to scuffle for awhile before the roommate released the complainant. At this point, the complainant’s mother slapped the roommate in the face. The roommate denied hitting the complainant and said he only put him in a headlock to restrain him. His girlfriend backed up his version of events.

The officer spoke again to the complainant, who said the roommate punched him in the face before the video started. He also said the roommate had tried to choke him. Based on the evidence available, the officer decided to arrest the roommate, the complainant and the complainant’s mother, who were all referred for charges of domestic battery and/or disorderly conduct.