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_ March 10 - An officer was dispatched to a local nursing home in reference to a resident trying to leave the facility. The officer met with the man in question, who was sitting in a wheelchair. He said he was going to leave and start banging on the doors and windows of the neighbor’s house. He said someone was going to jail, but it wasn’t him.

The man also claimed that another officer had come to see him the previous night and stole 30 chickens from him. He also talked about some ducks that had gone missing. When the officer asked the nursing staff about the man, they said he had recently arrived there after being released from a hospital. They said he is a severe alcoholic and is likely going through withdrawal.

The officer noticed the man was having difficulty doing simple tasks, such as tying his shoe. The man agreed to be taken by ambulance to the hospital in Marshfield to be evaluated. EMTs arrived, and he was transported without incident.

_ March 11 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford gas station in reference to a gas skip. He met with the cashier, who said someone had left without paying for $18.27 worth of gas.

The officer used the vehicle’s license plate number to track down the owner, who admitted that he forgot to pay for the gas when he was at the station that morning. He apologized and agreed to contact the station to pay for the fuel.

_ March 12 - An officer met with a woman in Colby after she reported concerns about a possible abduction. She said her friend had posted on Facebook about a woman who had not been seen since her ex-husband got out of jail on March 9.

The officer spoke by phone to the man who had posted the message on Facebook. He said he had called the woman on March 9 at noon, and a man he believed to be the ex answered. He said this man identified himself as the woman’s boyfriend and ended the call before the complainant could speak to the woman.

The complainant said, from that point forward, he was unable to contact the woman using her phone or any of her other contact information. He also said she did not come home from work on the night of March 9. The complainant did not identify himself as the woman’s current boyfriend, but the officer deduced it from their conversation. The complainant had a Marshfield address, but he had been living with the woman in Colby until March 9.

The officer returned to the police station and looked up the ex’s information. As part of his probation, he was not allowed to have contact with the woman in question. Both the woman and her ex had Marshfield addresses, based on updates entered into the system earlier this year. The officer noted that more follow- up would be needed.

_ March 13 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby gas station in response to a male party requesting assistance. The offi cer spoke with the man, who said he had been kicked out of the place he was staying and had nowhere else to go. He said he had no money and had been staying in his vehicle until it ran out of gas, at which time he went into the station to stay warm.

When asked about his plans, the man said he was going to go to the Salvation Army office in Wausau to seek assistance. The officer provided the man with a $25 Salvation Army voucher for fuel so he could gas up his car.

_ March 13 - An officer was on patrol on East Spruce Street in Abbotsford when he ran the license plate number of the vehicle in front of him. The registered owner came back as having a suspended license, so the officer activated his emergency lights and pulled the vehicle over on North Fifth Street.

The officer confirmed that it was the owner who was driving, and she admitted to driving with a suspended license, but only to get to work. Dispatch reported that the woman had 15 open cases in Marathon, Taylor and Price counties, including a felony with a bond condition that she not operate a vehicle without a valid license.

The officer issued the woman a citation for driving while suspended and asked her to step out of the vehicle. She was taken into custody and transported to Marathon County Jail, on a charge of felony bail jumping.

_ March 13 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford restaurant in reference to a scam complaint. The officer met with the shift manager, who said she had received a phone call from a male party claiming to be from the restaurant’s corporate offi ce. The caller told her to take all of the money out of the registers and put it into a bag. He said he had already spoken to her supervisors, so they were aware of what was going on.

The caller said he was working on a case and asked her to meet him either at a nearby gas station or dollar store. He told her to bring the money, along with a scissors, pen and paper.

The manager called her supervisor, who informed her that it was scam and to call police. She received another phone call from the suspect, and this time the caller ID said it was from the restaurant’s corporate office. The caller told the manager that he couldn’t talk for long on that line, so he called her back from the number he originally used.

The manager informed the caller that she would not be bringing him the money. The caller told her that she was putting people at risk of being shot if she did not cooperate. The manager said she did remove the money from the registers but kept it in the store. She then called the police.

The officer looked up the numbers used by the caller, and they originated from Chicago and Alabama. The officers on duty that night did extra patrols around the restaurant.

_ March 13 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby address in reference to a suspicious activity and noise complaint. Dispatch said the caller had heard two males yelling and then a loud bang that may have been a gunshot.

The officer arrived and checked the area, but did not see anyone or hear anything. He met with the reporting party, who said he was outside smoking a cigarette when he heard the yelling, followed by a loud noise, in the nearby alleyway. Officers went to all the surrounding buildings and spoke to the residents, but nobody heard any arguing or loud noise. None of the residents had more than one male party inside.

Officers continued to check the area the rest of the night, but no further suspicious activity was reported.

_ March 14 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford gas station in reference to a gas skip. He met with the manager, who provided the officer with a receipt showing an outstanding balance of $42 for fuel. The manager said the cashier made an error, causing the gas not to be charged.

The officer ran the license plate of the vehicle involved, and identified the owners as a Colby couple. The officer contacted one of them, informed her of the error and asked her to get the bill paid the following week.

_ March 15 - An officer responded to a Colby residence for a welfare check. A male party had called and said he hadn’t heard from his three kids in over three months and wanted an officer to check on them.

The officer met with the children’s mother, who led the officer into the house and showed him the children’s bedroom. Two of the kids were sleeping, and one was up; they all appeared to be OK. The mother said they had not talked to their father for a long time because they didn’t want to. She said he was verbally abusive to them, and they wanted nothing to do with them. The offi cer contacted the father, and left a message informing him that his kids