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Cleveland stabbing investigated

Cleveland stabbing investigated Cleveland stabbing investigated

A town of Cleveland suspect in last week’s double stabbing homicides told Marathon County Sheriff’s Department detectives he “wanted to kill someone for his whole life,” according to a probable cause statement issued last week Wednesday by the department.

The department said Brandon Noll, 22, used a kitchen knife to fatally stab two of his brothers, Michael Stone, 23, and William Stone, 19, on April 7 at their home at 121625 CTH P, town of Cleveland.

The department said Noll planned the killings, saying that he chose a knife over a gun “because it’s quiet.” He hid behind a partition in the family basement where one brother was playing video games before stabbing the victim in the chest. The noise of the attack caused the second brother to try and rescue his sibling. Noll stabbed the second victim and took a phone away from him. A third brother, Jason Noll, 24, called 911 after finding his other two brothers stabbed. The department stated that police arrived at the family home and saw two victims with stab wounds, one in a breezeway and another in the basement. One victim was pronounced dead at the scene by the county medical examiner. A second victim was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Marshfield, but died during the night of April 7 as a result of the stab wounds.

Police captured Noll after a high speed pursuit where they forced the suspect’s vehicle off the road.

In an interview, Noll told detectives that he wanted to see how it felt to kill someone. He asked police if he had, indeed, killed his brothers. The detectives told Noll that at that point of one the victims did die. Noll, according to police, said “he did not feel any different.”

Noll has not, as yet, been charged with a crime. An initial appearance is scheduled for Friday, April 17, 2 p.m. at the Marathon County Courthouse.