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Veterans Service solution is to bring in new leadership

Vox Pop

So as The Star News has stated, a third person resigns over what they claim, a toxic work environment.

I ask, what are the odds of three individuals (in a row) that I assume before employment with Taylor County, ever knew one another, would all experience and describe the same difficulties of trying to perform their jobs?

You could assume it is a coincidence. You could say all three were incompetent, no proof of that though. You can go with the folly of our human minds, (we are all proficient there) and it’s a conspiracy of three individuals to overtake the Veterans Service Office, with the ultimate goal overtaking the whole courthouse, which in my mind at least is absurd.

You know what else is absurd, the fact that three qualified individuals are no longer doing a job they all had a passion for, these people didn’t lose here, Taylor County lost, and they will continue losing if they can’t accept the fact they have a lack of effective management skills in the Taylor County Veteran’s committee board that needs to be addressed, sooner than later.

Since this office represents primarily military veterans, I feel it would be appropriate that this matter be dealt in a military fashion, meaning, replace, the whole command. It’s sorry for those who have done nothing wrong, but it is bye bye to the problem of incompetent officials, it’s effective swift and over.

Perhaps no one in our county courthouse building has yet been truthful enough about what truthfulness is, but this state of affairs needs to end immediately. It has its citizens in an uproar. The truth, everyone says they want it, until they finally hear it.

The road goes through human brains, talk about road hazards.

— M. Clendenning, Rib Lake