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1848 to 2023 there still needs to be representation

Vox Pop

How many of us remember in our history lessons the rally cry during the latter years of the 1700s, “No taxation without representation.” The British government was passing taxation laws which applied to the citizens of their New England Colonies. The New England citizens had no representation within the House of Parliament in London. Hence the rally cry. In 1848 the legislature of this newly formed state (approaching 200 years) passed an anti - abortion law which impacted 50% (or slightly more) of the state’s population. This population of women, then and now had no input, influence, opinion of or right to vote for or against that law or any representative who had approved or disapproved of that law. Simply put, women at that time were not allowed to vote.

Yet, then and now they were the citizens who truly suffered the consequences of the law. They would be citizens to have their bodies invaded, to suffer, to endure the grief, horror, anguish, trauma (their true experience of this can never be engaged to paper)of incest and rape (all forms), then maybe the tragedy of an unwanted and fearful pregnancy. Just as in 1848 and now 2023 the women of this state had no chance of influence, opinion of, personal input on the right or wrong of that law.

Because of this and after women finally were granted their legal right to vote, this law should be declared unconstitutional within this state. It simply should be rescinded, deleted completely or rewritten with the opinions, input and influence of that 50% of our state population having their right of expression which they have not been allowed to do in 1848 or up to date.

This very large group of voters now have the right to protest for or against the law, its wording and intent, to vote for or against any legislative member who would oppose changing and correcting that law, no matter his or her politics, Republican or Democrat. Maybe this group of 50% of our state voters, all these women as one unit, should apply a rally cry of their own which I’m very sure would “grab” a very large amount of attention. “No bedtime activities without representation.”

Keep in mind, as in 1848 as in 2023, the women of this state have yet to influence that law. Which means the vote for our next state supreme court judge is extremely important.

— Walter Tomczyk, Dorchester