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Urgent message about ambulance staffing shortages

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A matter of utmost concern to all residents of Taylor County, most especially those residing in Western Taylor County. Due to staffing shortages within EMS, there are times when there are no staff members available to cover shifts on the Gilman Ambulance Service. This is an unacceptable circumstance to be in at any time and even more so for the individual who has dialed 911 and is awaiting an ambulance with a delayed response time because it was dispatched from Medford or elsewhere to Western Taylor County while unstaffed ambulance is idly sitting in the fire hall at Gilman. This notice is an effort to both inform local residents of the dire circumstances that our communities are currently in and to recruit individuals to be trained as EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians) or EMR’s (Emergency Medical Responders). If you or someone you know may have an interest or questions regarding qualifications or training requirements we encourage you to reach out directly to the Regional Director of EMS, Bob Kirkley at office 715-843-1197, cell 715-203-3175 or e-mail him at [email protected] org . Multiple and various opportunities may be possible. This could become the career opportunity that both changes your life and saves someone else’s. Just think about that possibility. Thank you for any consideration regarding this most important issue. We also take this opportunity to extend a huge measure of gratitude to all personnel, both past and present, who have served and continue to serve in any manner to provide ambulance and EMS services in our communities. We acknowledge and appreciate your many sacrifices and contributions.

— Local Government Leadership of Western Taylor County including the towns of Aurora, McKinley, Cleveland, Pershing, Ford Roosevelt, Jump River, and Taft,; village of Gilman and village of Lublin