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Objects to suggestion for a vaccine mandate

Vox Pop

I use the term Dr. lightly, but, you Dr. Osmond Ekwueme I will say, you are a disgrace to the medical profession.

I thought doctors and other medical professionals took an oath to help people, all people, who are sick and suffering. You obviously missed that point.

So you think the unvaccinated should be treated differently than the vaccinated? You do not believe that the average American person should have the freedom or brains to make that decision on their own, and that you and others are much more qualified to make decisions for people?

You are also wrong when you say that vaccines have always been mandated. They have never been mandated. People have always had the choice to take them or not take them, or give them to their children or not.

Some people have chosen not to receive vaccinations over the years and have never been treated inhumanely or turned away from medical facilities. I also believe you failed to mention how many vaccinated people are in the hospitals and very sadly some have passed away due to underlying conditions.

You made mention of smokers in your article, are you still willing to treat them? Where does the buck stop? So you don’t want to treat the unvaccinated, but are you getting to the point where you can say you will not treat who you would judge handicapped or obese, the mentally ill, the people with STDs, the people who are alcoholics or drug addicts, Parkinson’s? Or maybe people with blue eyes should be treated, especially if they are unvaccinated.

You said we all bear the cost of COVID collectively, and as a taxpayer, yes, we do bear that cost for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. But, you did not tell people that for every time you write COVID beside someone’s name you get more money from the government for the vaccinated and unvaccinated (fact check this yourself).

And, the question is if your vaccinations and your mask and everything you say that you’re promoting and doing is working, why are you so concerned about the unvaccinated?

They are not the ones making people sick who have already been vaccinated. Your medical professionals have labeled it breakthrough COVID. And, while on the subject of everyone paying a cost collectively, I do not appreciate paying the cost for women having an abortion.

But, sadly, that is her choice, and sadly, all taxpayers pay for that. You see Dr. Osmond Ekwueme, everything comes down to it being a personal choice because this is America.

People have always made, and will always make, their own personal choices, whether it is getting vaccinated or not vaccinated, sadly getting an abortion, buckling up in a car, robbing a grocery store, doing drugs or any number of other things.

They are all personal choices! You had a choice to express your opinion the same as I have because of freedom. This is America, we are not communist, and it is our God given right to make our own choices, good or bad. If you don’t like the American way of life, and the freedom that comes with it, you should move out of America.

Maybe you should listen to the Star-Spangled Banner, especially the part at the end where it says “The land of the free and the home of the brave . . .” May God bless America and the flag we live under.

— Judy Heckel, Abbotsford