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Marriage licenses issued in Taylor County in July and August

The following wedding licenses were issued in July: Tyler Jon Brost of Browning and Jade Olivia Pinter of Hoard for July 24; Jordan Eric Dahl of McKinley and Abigail Marie Wilbur of McKinley for August 14; Justin Clay Fuchs of Medford and Sheena Marie Johnas of Medford for August 7; Wesley Davis Hebert of Little Black and Britney Patricia Olson of Little Black for July 14; August Emil Johansson of Medford and Tessa Danielle Cypher of Medford for August 7; Corey Jay Kottke of Medford and Stephany Rachel Schultz of Greenfield for July 17; Jared Donn Lambert of Hammel and Tahlia Marie Sigmund of Hammel for August 7; Velizario Mendoza Carranza of Medford and Sayda Amarilis Perez Martinez of Medford for August 21; Cody Jay Miller of Little Black and Makenna Marie Dahl of Little Black for August 14; Derrick Edward Neitzel of Holway and Jamie Makayla Nelson of Little Black for August 7; Paul Alfred Rothmeier of Medford and Jenny Lamae Krug of Medford for July 17; Alex Hesse Skabroud of Jump River and Tessa Lee Poppy of Jump River for July 29; Justin Jon Thomas of Medford and Hannah Rose Frank of Medford for July 31; Kenney Tommie of Medford and Janelle Marie Arndt of Medford for August 14; and Belle Margaret Weinfurtner of Medford and Mackenzie Mae Schilling of Medford for July 28.

The following wedding licenses were issued in August: Leroy J. Borntreger of Holway and Leanna Sue Schmucker of Roosevelt for September 21; Melvin M. Borntreger of Holway and Sarah J. Miller of Holway for September 14; Nichlous Adam Bratsven of Browning and Eva Marie Ann Hagen of Browning for August 20; Devin Daniel Draeger of Medford and Jennifer Marie Straskowski of Stetsonville for August 25; Ryan Michael Esker of Reid and Angela Rose Schmeiser of Molitor for August 21; Arnoldo Garcia Sanchez of Little Black and Maria Cristina Franco Favela of Little Black for August 20; Joseph Neil Koschak of Aurora and Shay Leigh Winger of Aurora for September 18; Kellvin William Krizan of Aurora and Brooklyn May Jacque of Aurora for September 18; Michael Oliver Lamberty of Chelsea and Ashlee Marion Starr of Chelsea for August 28; Jesse Joe Leader of Holway and Gail Lynn Bruger of Holway for August 28; Mathew Bryan Mergenthaler of Medford and Samantha Jo Erl of Little Black for August 21; Victor A. Mueller of Medford and Kristy Ann Pogodzinski of Medford for August 26; Carl Martin Noland of Rib Lake and Brittany Sue Thums of Rib Lake for September 4; Carmen Noel Rayo Montenegro of Rib Lake and Jessie J. Swenson of Rib Lake for August 26; Dustin James Roiger of Medford and Cassidy Raye Kohls of Westboro for September 4; Leroy J. Schrock of Lublin and Amanda J. Yoder of Roosevelt for September 24; Adam Joseph Tallman of Molitor and Brandy Marie Neubauer of Molitor for August 28; Colter James Weinke of Westboro and Shianne Alise Reidt of Westboro for September 4; Bill Michael Wojcik of Thorntown and Virginia Michelle Keller of Noblesville for September 4.