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Tree cutting tips

Preparation is the key to making your family’s tree cutting experience as positive as possible. The following tips are offered to help you prepare for your family tree cutting adventure: Don’t go too early – the best time for cutting your own Christmas tree is between late November and mid-December.

Measure twice, cut once - Be sure of the size space you have to display a tree for height and width. Also be sure to make sure your vehicle or trailer can transport the tree you select.

Dress for conditions — Wear sturdy boots that protect your feet and good, heavy-duty work gloves. Glasses also protect your eyes from rogue pine needles. Wet wipes are great for removing sap from hands and fingers.

Pack your tools — It is best to use a lightweight saw that is meant for cutting live trees. Also bring rope or twine to secure it to your vehicle.

Don’t bring home hitch hikers - Be sure to shake your tree before you secure it to your vehicle so that you don’t chance bringing home some unwanted guests like forest animals, birds or insects.

Secure firmly - Make sure to properly secure your tree before you hit the road using care not to break branches or bending the top of the tree. If you have space to put it inside your vehicle, wrap it in a tarp or blanket to make cleaning up pine needles easier.

Keep it healthy — Once you get the tree home, trim off about one inch of the trunk before placing it in the stand. This will help the tree better absorb water. Trees can be very thirsty so be sure to check the water at least once per day and keep it well-watered.