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Searching for the perfect Taylor County Christmas tree

Searching for the perfect  Taylor County Christmas tree Searching for the perfect  Taylor County Christmas tree

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It may sound like basic advice, but the professionals who raise and sell Christmas trees said one of the most important things to remember when picking the right tree is knowing the height of the ceiling in the room where it will go.

Trees in the seven to 10-foot range remain the most popular in most households. While it may feel good to say you have a 10-foot Christmas tree, if the final destination is a home with shorter ceilings, a beautiful tree could end up having the ultimate bad trimming decision - getting its top sheared off.

In doing my research with the Christmas Tree Growers Association, I found that there are some things that people might want to consider when purchasing a tree.

Here are some of their tips: Ask when the tree was cut down. Precut trees may be cut down weeks before they’re sold. So if you’re buying a precut tree, chances are the tree was cut down much earlier than you think. This doesn’t mean the tree won’t make it through the holiday season, but a tree that was cut several weeks ago should have some of its bottom trunk removed before it’s placed in the stand. This will make it easier for the tree to consume water. This step likely isn’t necessary if the tree was cut down the same day you bring it home.

Have the tree shaken before taking it home. A tree should be shaken in a shaker, if available, before you put it in your car and bring it home. A shaker removes any debris or dead needles from the tree, which can save you the trouble of cleaning up all of those dead needles from your living room floor later on.

What you put on the tree can make or break your holiday decorating plans. Many families have traditions for their ornaments with pieces handed down from generation to generation. Start a tradition of giving ornaments and other unique items available at local businesses.