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Businesses offer plenty to see and do both locally and far away

Businesses offer plenty to see and do both locally and far away Businesses offer plenty to see and do both locally and far away

There is much to offer in Taylor County when it comes to recreation and leisure activities. The Broadway Theatre in Medford is celebrating nine years of ownership by Dave and Anne Fleegel and offers first run movies in a comfortable environment.

Area taverns and restaurants such as P& E Steakhouse in Medford offer patrons a place to relax, enjoy a special night out or kick back with friends.

P& E Steakhouse is owned and operated by Anne and Randy Brost of Medford who have continued on the traditional full-service bar and classic Wisconsin supper club steak restaurant built by founders Phil and Eleanor Howarth.

Travel Leaders

For those looking to get away from the daily grind, Travel Leaders of Medford has decades of experience in helping people plan their destinations and more importantly being there as support when circumstances arise.

Since 1982, Travel Leaders of Medford has helped travelers plan their vacation getaways.

Darla Schulz has been with Travel Leaders since 1997 and in the past 23 years has seen many changes in the travel industry. She explains that despite the explosion in on-line booking options, travel agents continue to play an important role in ensuring that people’s travel plans go off with out a hitch.

“We do it all, start to finish,” Schulz said. This means that people can spend more time enjoying their vacation and less time worrying that they missed some important planning detail.

One of the important services provided by Travel Leaders is security. Schulz notes that there are many online scammers out there preying on unsuspecting travelers. That is not an issue with going through an established agency such as Travel Leaders.

Likewise, travelers can rest assured that the trip they booked is the experience they have. Schulz said the agents have first-hand experience in many of their most popular destination so they can avoid the potential bait and switch tactics of unscrupulous online sales sites.

Perhaps the most important service that Travel Leaders offers is the piece of mind of knowing you have a highlytrained professional just a phone call away and there to handle issues — not to mention to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Schulz tells of one couple whose bag with their passports and credit cards was stolen from the baggage check. Travel Leaders was able to get them in touch with the local American consulate and within a day they had new passports and were able to continue with their vacation. In addition, the couple had travel insurance which reimbursed them for the lost day.

According to Schulz, travel destinations are literally all over the place. She said Mexico and the Caribbean remain popular but that people are going everywhere imaginable. She said they are seeing a growing number go overseas to places like Australia. One area that she said continues to grow is in all-inclusive resorts where everything is prepaid.