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Stocking Stuffers for athletes and sports enthusiasts

Stocking Stuffers for athletes and sports enthusiasts Stocking Stuffers for athletes and sports enthusiasts

Gifts comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes the best gifts are those that come in small packages. Though some people pore over their holiday shopping lists for weeks, it’s not uncommon for even the most devoted holiday shopper to overlook stocking stuffers, which can be just as difficult to find as larger gifts.

When shopping for stocking stuffers, consider the recipient’s interests. For example, athletes and sports enthusiasts would undoubtedly love a gift that reflects their loyalty to a favorite team or their devotion to a particular sport. Holiday shoppers who have a sports-crazed superfan or accomplished athlete on their shopping lists may want to consider the following items when looking for stocking stuffers this holiday season.

• Sports memorabilia: Sports fanatics sometimes double as collectors who are always on the lookout for new memorabilia to display. Such collectibles may include bobbleheads, cards, ticket stubs and signed photographs or equipment. Rare memorabilia may be beyond many gift-givers’ means, but there are still plenty of impressive items that can fit into any holiday gifting budget.

• Game tickets: Give sports fans a chance to cheer on their favorite teams in person. Find a home game that will not require the recipient to travel too far, or if you want to splurge, include transportation with the tickets to an away game. Secondary market ticket-seller StubHub is a reliable resource that guarantees tickets sold on its site are legitimate, removing any doubt ticket market buyers may have.

• Fan gear: Sports fans can never have enough gear to show off their team pride. Everything from mugs to hats to authentic team jerseys makes for great stocking stuffers. In addition, look for pennants or t-shirts that feature team names or logos. Today just about any item comes emblazoned with sports team names. If you can’t find a particular item, it may be possible to order it directly from a team or retailer or have it customized.

• Sports equipment: Athletes may benefit from updated equipment. Determine if the athletes on your gift list have any gear that needs replacing. Parents, coaches or even teammates may offer recommendations regarding which equipment your loved one needs. If you don’t know a catcher’s mitt from a tennis racket, stuff the stocking with a gift card to a sporting goods store.

• Magazine subscription: Sports fans often enjoy reading up on their favorite players and keeping abreast of team or industry news. Magazine subscriptions are generally inexpensive and new subscriptions often come with free gifts as well.

• Winner’s trophy: For the sports fan who has missed out on getting his or her own trophy, have one made up as a stocking stuffer gag gift. It is certain to bring a laugh and hold a prime spot on the shelf with other sports memorabilia.

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