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Road status change will have little immediate impact

Road status change will have little immediate impact Road status change will have little immediate impact



A section of Hwy 13 got a new designation from the state.

According to highway commissioner Ben Stanfley, the state of Wisconsin updated Hwy 13’s designation from a minor collector to a major collector road between CTH O and CTH C.

According to Stanfley the designation impacts the design of things such as lane widths and size of road shoulders and is the function of the amount of traffic and service population. He described it as an oversight of the state that it was listed on maps as a minor collector, when it should have been a major collector all along.

The change may impact future road projects in that corridor, but Stanfley said he felt the road already met the standards for the major collector functional classifi cation.

The next time work is scheduled for Hwy 13 in Medford is in 2024. In 2022, work is planned for CTH O from Hwy 13 to northbound Gibson Dr. Additional planning for those projects will take place as they get closer.

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