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Trump should be indicted for negligent homicide


To the Editor: I would like to respond to Ron Gosse’s letter.

Gosse tells the fairy tale of two mechanics. The first mechanic has 47 years of experience but now is suffering from age related mental impairment. The second mechanic has four years of experience but “he fixes it and it stays fixed.”

Goisse spends the next three paragraphs implementing the McCarthy/ Trump tactic of telling a lie and then repeating it over and over again as if it were true.

Anyone who viewed the debates could easily discern who was suffering from incongruent thinking and childish behavior. The other debater was the adult and the future President.

On Nov. 3, Biden accumulated 78,664,837 popular votes and 306 electoral votes. The loser and soon to be ex-President got 5.5 million less popular votes and 232 electoral votes. In 2016, Trump was defeated by over 2.9 million in the popular vote and it was the only outdated Electoral College who gave him the win.

Gosse praises Trump “he fixes it, it stays fixed.” He must have been referring to fixing things with non disclosure agreements. He used these to bury numerous adulterous affairs and other inappropriate activities.

He demands loyalty to him over the ability to do the job. If you break numerous laws he’ll pardon you like he did Roger Stone.

Gosse continues, “If you voted for Biden/ didn’t weigh the good with the bad work that has been done or is being done by each of them.”

Trump inherited a strong, growing economy unlike in 2008 when the Republicans left us with the Great Recession. Trump championed a trillion dollar plus tax cut which mostly went to corporations and the wealthiest Americans. As he said to a group of wealthy donors, “You had better applaud me, I made you a lot richer.” And the deficit soared.

His other failures included not dealing with climate change, easing of environmental regulations, falling in love with Kim from Korea, taking the word of Putin over his own intelligence agencies, not making Mexico pay for the failed wall, showing his racism by supporting racist militia groups, turning a blind eye to murder by Saudi Arabia, attacking the free press and attacking knowledge and science.

He used race and unjustified fear of those not like him as a wedge issue and to incite his core group. What Trump didn’t admit to was that his racism was not patriotism.

But topping all of these failures by a gargantuan margin is his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He told the truth to Bob Woodward who with Trump approval taped the conversations. But to all Americans he lied. “It’s all a hoax.” “It will be gone with warm weather.” “I am not responsible” and hundreds of other lies.

He named his son-in-law to head the COVID-19 task force when he had no experience in public health administration, viral infections or handling pandemics. He failed to provide leadership to insure there was not price inflation when states, cities and hospitals had to compete for needed medical supplies. Even today eight months later our brave frontline workers are undersupplied, understaffed and overworked. Our hospitals will soon be full.

Ted Cruz said earlier this week, “The first responsibility of the President of the United States is to keep people safe.” Trump has been a monumental failure. His rallies have led to over 700 deaths.

As of Sunday, over 245,000 Americans have died, 2,748 have died in Wisconsin and 106 here in Marathon County. Even today, he continues to stymie the Biden COVID-19 task force by denying them access to vital information. Each day, more Americans died because of his refusal to help fight COVID-19. He has been too busy playing golf.

Trump should be tried and convicted of negligent homicide.

Gary Fergot Town of Wien

We should only count the legal votes

To the Editor: I read with disbelief Mr. Peter’s “Everywhere I go I find a pal” column in a recent RR expressing confusion about the polls. Newsflash: Disinformation has been more common than real information for years! These polls were as inaccurate as in 2016 both were intentionally skewed for voter suppression purposes. Who’s to say, with razor-thin margins, that these fake polls didn’t flip states? This, and the media censorship, are the real election interference. It’s just like all the “peaceful protests’’ all summer. It’s like the “science” regarding the coronavirus that is anything but. It’s like all the false Russian collusion and Ukrainian baloney. Recently, Joe Biden and the media called the Hunter Biden story “Russian disinformation” although a wealth of information and the FBI say otherwise. Peter’s column earlier this year advocated voting by mail as being nothing to be concerned about regarding fraud when simple common sense says exactly the opposite.

Democrats want 16-year-olds, felons, and non-citizens to be able to vote, and of course, no voter ID or signatures required. They changed hundreds of election laws across the country at the last minute - some illegally as when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf changed election laws when only the state legislature is allowed to do this. They wanted more early voting and more late counting (including here in Wisconsin). Also in Wisconsin, our Election Commission refused to update the voter rolls as required by law, involving 234,000 voters. We should believe these actions were for the good of the country?

Now we’re being asked to “just accept” the election results. We’re told to “count every vote.” The 2020 election results are as accurate as the 2016 and 2020 polls. “Count every vote” is a call to lawlessness. We should count every legal vote. Chuck Schumer called President Trump’s not accepting the results “dangerous.” There are hundreds of affidavits and over 2,800 incident reports of fraud in Michigan alone. In Wisconsin, reports are out that up to 29,000 votes moved from Republican to Democrat by way of the same “computer glitch” involving Dominion software as in Michigan, and this software was used in 28 states. Why wasn’t it dangerous when Al Gore took 37 days in 2000 to concede? Isn’t it amazing how when votes turn up out of nowhere, they are always Democrat votes? In this election, some of these mysterious votes constitute statistical impossibilities.

As scary as the prospect of a Biden presidency is, more scary is Kamala Harris as president. Many don’t believe Biden could last more than a year or two if that. Harris got less than 3 percent of the vote in her run for president and never even made it to the first primary. She was chosen for VP simply by race and gender, not qualifications. Her Senate voting record puts her even to the left of Bernie Sanders, basically a communist. As of today, not one state has certified a presidential election winner although the media has wrongly taken the liberty of doing it. As of today, Real Clear Politics hasn’t even called Pennsylvania. Joe Biden is certainly not president-elect at this point.

Let’s hope verification of the election confirms a winner based on legal votes. It’s the only way to restore some integrity to future elections. In-person voting (with ID required) on election day with only the minimum necessary absentee ballots could have prevented this whole circus.

Randy Wokatsch Town of Marathon