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Rainbow Gymnastics finds plenty of success at Hub City Invitational


The Rainbow Gymnastics Club of Medford had a successful weekend at the Feb. 8-9 Hub City AAU meet in Marshfield taking the Xcel silver team title and eight members winning individual championships.

The Xcel silver gymnasts scored 111.25 team points to beat Hazel Green (109.15) for the team title. In silver senior competition, Rainbow gymnasts Alexis Szydel, Nayeli Marschke and Autumn Cooley were the top three finishers. Szydel earned 36.8 all-around points, winning the uneven bars (9.6), the floor (9.5) and the vault (9.4). She was fifth on the balance beam with an 8.3. Marschke and Cooley both scored 36.45 all-around points. Cooley tied for second on vault with her 9.3, took second on bars with a 9.34 was third on floor with a 9.2 and tied Marschke for third with an 8.6 on beam. Marschke was second on floor with a 9.45, tied for third on bars with a 9.2 and was fifth on vault with a 9.2.

In the silver junior class, Rainbow’s Madison Geiger and Sophie Koester tied for second with 36.7 all-around points and Shyanne Sterzinger was fourth with 34.9. Geiger’s total featured a 9.5 that tied for first on bars, a second-place score of 8.8 on beam, a 9.5 that tied for second on vault and third-place score of 8.9 on floor. Koester won the floor with a 9.3, was third on bars (9.3) and beam (8.7) and took fourth on vault (9.4). Sterzinger won the vault with a 9.55 and was fourth on bars (8.6), floor (8.55) and beam (8.2).

Rainbow’s Addison Gumz (35.05) and Jaylin Machon (34.5) were the only competitors in the Xcel platinum division. Gumz’s scores were 9.5 on vault, 8.7 on bars, 8.1 on beam and 8.75 on floor. Machon had the edge on floor with a 91. and tied Gumz with her 8.7 on bars. She earned a 9.3 on vault and a 7.4 on beam.

Hailey Geiger was the Xcel gold champion with 36.05 all-around points. She won the beam competition with a 9.0 and tied for first on vault with another 9.0. Geiger added a 9.05 on floor that tied for second and a 9.0 on bars that was good for fourth. Bethany Jokiel ranked fourth with 35 all-around points, including second place on bars (9.3), third place on beam (8.1), fourth place on floor (9.0) and fourth place on vault (8.6).

Kyla Krause was the Level 8 champion with 36.65 allaround points, beating two other gymnasts. She won all four events with scores of 9.4 on floor, 9.2 on beam, 9.15 on vault and 8.9 on beam.

Rainbow Gymnastics placed second out of three scoring teams in Level 6 with 107.9 points. The team beat Hub City (106.5) and trailed Wildcard Gymnastics of Brookfield (110.3).

Shayla Radlinger was the Level 6 senior champion, winning by 0.2 points with a total of 35.8. She won the floor (9.25) and beam (8.7), took second on bars (9.15) and was fifth on vault (8.7). Delaina Meyer captured the Level 6 junior title with 37.3 points, including wins on bars (9.5) and beam (9.1). She was second on vault (9.5) and fifth on floor (9.2). Madi Mueller was seventh in the junior group with 34.8 all-around points. She tied for fourth on bars (9.1), was sixth on floor (8.9) and beam (7.8) and seventh on vault (9.0).

In Level 3, Olivia Schaefer won the 3A grouping with 36.85 all-around points. She won the bars with a 9.4, tied for first on beam with her 8.8, tied for second on floor at 9.25 and tied for second on vault at 9.4. In the same group, McKinley Mueller was sixth with 34.4 points, including a third-place score of 9.0 on bars and fifth-place scores of 9.2 on vault and 8.3 on floor. She got a 7.9 on beam.

In Level 3B, Karly Eckert was sixth with 35.05 points, tying for second on bars with a 9.3. She got a 9.35 on vault, an 8.4 on beam and an 8.0 on floor. Olivia Johnson was eighth at 33.75 points, including a 9.1 on vault, an 8.7 on bars, an 8.15 on floor and a 7.8 on beam.

Sophia Steinman took seventh in Level 3C with 36.55 total points. She tied for first on vault with a 9.7 and got a 9.1 on floor, a 9.0 on bars and an 8.75 on beam. Lindsey Kauffman was eighth with 36.2 points, including a fourth-place score of 9.5 on vault. She got a 9.35 on bars, an 8.85 on floor and an 8.5 on beam.

That all added up to a second-place team finish in Level 3 with 109.9 points, 4.2 behind Hub City.

Rainbow Gymnastics added one more second-place team finish. That came in Level 2 with 110.1 points, ahead of the Antigo Twisters (105.2) and behind Hub City (112.55).

Jordan Grant led that crew, winning the senior A grouping with 37.05 all-around points. Grant won the floor with a 9.65, took second on vault (9.0), third on bars (9.3) and tied for third on beam (9.1). Rylee Hartwig (36.15) was third and Aliyah Galan tied for fifth in the all-around standings. Hartwig won the bars, took third on floor (9.45), and got an 8.8 on beam and an 8.4 on vault. Galan was second on floor with a 9.6 and got an 8.85 on bars, an 8.8 on beam and an 8.3 on vault.

In the senior B group, Miah Faulkner was third overall with a 9.5 on bars, a 9.45 on floor, an 8.9 on beam and an 8.4 on vault for a total of 35.85. Shaila Neuenfeldt tied for seventh overall, earning a 9.2 on bars, a 9.0 on floor, an 8.9 on beam and an 8.1 on vault for 35.2 total points.

Lydia Schaefer was second in junior B competition with 35.7 points, including a second-place 9.0 on beam, a third-place 8.6 on vault, a fourth-place 9.0 on floor and a fifth-place 9.1 on bars. Ava Geiger was ninth with 33.8 all-around points and Brynlee Pagel was 10th with 31.6. Geiger got scores of 8.7 on beam, 8.65 on bars, 7.8 on vault and 8.65 on floor. Pagel earned 8.0s on floor and beam, an 8.1 on vault and a 7.5 on bars. Chloe Cahoon earned 33 points to take fifth in the junior A category with an 8.5 on floor, an 8.3 on beam, an 8.2 on bars and an 8.0 on vault. Tenley Colby was seventh among junior Cs. Her 34.15 points included a 9.1 on floor, an 8.5 on beam, an 8.45 on bars and an 8.1 on vault.

Veronica Mateer placed second (36.15) and Kailyn Haenel took fourth (34.6) in Level 5. Mateer tied for first on beam (8.7), was second on bars (9.25), tied for second on vault (9.5) and was third on floor (8.7). Haenel was third on bars (9.0), tied for third on beam (8.0), was fourth on vault (9.4) and was fourth on floor (8.2).

Raylin Rothmeier tied for fifth in the Level 4 senior competition with 35.65 total points, including a 9.5 on vault, a 9.0 on bars, an 8.75 on floor and an 8.4 on beam.