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Bulldog girls stay close early, but can’t keep pace with Gilman

Bulldog girls stay close early, but can’t keep pace with Gilman Bulldog girls stay close early, but can’t keep pace with Gilman

A combination of factors eventually led to the 71-29 score seen on the scoreboards at the conclusion of a game between the Granton Bulldog girls and Gilman on Dec. 13. While the game got off to a slow start that benefitted the Bulldogs in keeping the score close, fouls, steals by the Pirates and poor passing and shooting by the Bulldogs in certain moments meant a win for Gilman.

The Bulldog girls were able to hold on to a very close lead in the first part of the game, even getting as close to tying the score at eight points near the 12:30 mark. Points were made in this early part of the game by Hannah Walter, Jaden Gardner and Kristin Strey.

It was at this point where the Bulldogs fell victim to a series of fouls resulting in free-throw opportunities that occurred in the next three minutes. While Gilman broke the tie by going 3-for-6 on those shots, their offense was still contained by the Bulldog defense to make that the only opportunity for points they got during that time.

Gilman did manage to get a couple baskets in the next few minutes, but overall scoring was low as the ball was continually pushed from one end of the court to the other by the opposing team. Even free-throw opportunities did nothing to change the score, Gilman was 0-for-4 and Granton was 0-for-3.

With less than five minutes left in the first half, Gilman broke through the shift of possessions, scoring off a steal and making a three-pointer to bring themselves up to 20. In the last three minutes, the momentum solidly turned to the Pirates’ favor as they racked up 12 more points to lead at halftime with a score four times that of Granton’s.

Though the Bulldogs substantially increased their scoring in the second half, it did nothing to stem the tide of Gilman’s offensive capabilities. Right out of the gate, the Pirates started scoring with a pair of shots from freethrow opportunities and added an additional 12 points in the next couple minutes. By the time Strey made the Bulldogs’ first points in the second half and brought the team up to 10, Gilman was at 46.

Gilman continued to dominate in the second half, often sinking back-to-back baskets. There were some moments Granton was able to shine through, getting three pointers by Sam Martin and Strey and further points by Megan Walter and Hannah Walter, but was unable to make up the difference between their scores.

Strey led the Bulldogs in points, scoring 13, including a trio of three-pointers and a 2-for-3 record at the line. Hannah Walter was the team’s next highest scorer with five points, with a 1-for-2 free-throw record. Both Jaden Gardner and Megan Walter contributed four points.