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Catch DNR ‘Wild Wisconsin’ episodes

As hunters count down the days until opening Saturday, be sure to check out this season of Wild Wisconsin presented by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This year’s episodes are packed with everything hunters need to know to have a successful, safe and rewarding season.

In addition to the six main episodes, be sure to check out this year’s bonus segments: Passion for Public Land: The Hunting Public crew has a passion for public land. Here at the Wisconsin DNR, we do too. Much of Wisconsin’s public lands are paid for with hunter’s dollars and are available to you year-round. Whether you are hunting for deer, birds, or small game or just looking to hike or watch wildlife, public land is a great resource.

Deer Donation Program - 20 Years Strong: Wisconsin deer hunters have been providing venison to community members in need for 20 years through our deer donation program. In that time, 92,000 deer and 3.7 million pounds of venison have been donated to make a difference in your local communities.

Nutrition and Herd Quality: We all like to see lots of big, healthy deer while we’re hunting. Often, nutrition is the key to the growth of healthy bucks. Nutrition is reflective of quality habitat, which is impacted by herd size, food availability, and more.

Tips for Hunting Private Land: There is lots of public land available in Wisconsin, but much of the land in the state is still privately owned. That doesn’t mean none of it is available for public use, however. Programs like the Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program help provide public access on private lands.

All web series segments and podcasts, along with wild game recipes and much more, can be found on the DNR website here. Be sure to follow DNR’s Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages for more Wild Wisconsin throughout the fall hunting season.