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Cornell announces first quarter honors

The grade point at Cornell Middle and High School is based on a 4.0 system (4.0=A, 3.0=B, 2.0=C, 1.0=D). The numbers representing a grade are added together, then divided by the number of credits. The number achieved is a GPA.

If a student’s GPA equals 3.0 to 3.59, that student has made the Honorable Mention status. A GPA of 3.6 to 4.0, places a student in the High Honors category.

The following students have been placed on the Honor Roll for the first quarter of the 2019-20 school year. High Honors 12th grade: Austin Bowe, Isabelle Clark, Alyssa Helland and Brandon Werlein 11th grade: Hailey Hudson, Brendan Mercer, Jordan Rosolowski, Elijah Turany and Jayda Turchen 10th grade: Bryce Anderson, Jack Blasidell, Rachel Laird, Kelsea Popp and Avery Turany Ninth grade: Brooke Anderson, Haily Duffy, Grace Haryki, Faith Kubista, Camden Mercer, Kendra Seidlitz, Brooke Sime, Bentley Spangler, Alexandra Turany and Mahli Wilson Eighth grade: Faith Blaisdell, Alyssa Bowe, Brianna Glaus, Torren Parker, Bralee Schroeder and Sorik Spangler Sixth grade: Brooklyn Anders, Bryce Dejongh, Landon Larson, Mykiah Link and Kyleigh Mercer Honorable Mention 12th grade: Braya Duffy, Michya Flood, Abigail Frankovois, Michaiah Galster, Tyler Laird, Wyatt Peloquin and Jocelyn Tirrel 11th grade: Ryan Helland 10th grade: Blake Anders, Dylan Bowe, William Dekarske Jr., Madyson Sanders, Bailey Sikora, Taiylor Sturgis and Michayla Turchen Ninth grade: Teryn Close, Aliyse Maier, Mya Sanchez and Bailey Sanders Eighth grade: Grace Cossio and Izabelle Schwingle Seventh grade: Cadence Baker, Addyson Dejongh, Kalee Dekarske, Easton Maier and Andrea Sternweis Sixth grade: Stephanie Baker, Trinity Comeaux, Haylee Ellis, Ara Ferguson, Anelise Larson, Carter Pischke, Caden Prahl and Carson Prahl